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about secret

about secret

About Secret

Secret products are designed to give you excellent odor and wetness protection to help you take on each day fearlessly. Secret continues in their push to help women live fearlessly through innovation and inspiration.

Since perspiration in the underarms doesn't really evaporate, a feeling of wetness results and bacteria thrive in that wetness, creating underarm odor. Secret works by slowing the flow of perspiration to the surface of the skin. It does so by being pH (measure of alkalinity) balanced.

Secret has the right product for you, from different protection, forms, and scents.

Find the Secret deodorant and antiperspirant or body sprays right for you!

Invisible Protection Invisible fit. Radiant you.
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With all the tampon and pad choices out there, it can be overwhelming to know which products to go with. Have no fear! The Product Selector can help you figure out which kinds fit your period and lifestyle.
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Have you started your period yet?
What kind of protection do you currently use?
What kind of protection are you open to using?
What statement best describes what you'd like from your?
How would you describe your flow on your heaviest day?
On your heaviest day, how often do you change your protection?
Is it important for you to have a product you can easily hide in your pocket
What age group do you fall in?


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