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Always Feminine Wipes

Always Feminine Wipes

Always wipes help you feel clean and fresh throughout the day. Perfect for use during your period, after activity or anytime you just want to feel fresh.

Always Feminine Wipes

Always Feminine Wipes

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How to use a pad
How to use a pad
How to use a pad
How to use a pad
How to use a pad
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Always start by washing your hands. If the pad or pantiliner you’re using is in a wrapper, remove it and save it for disposing the used pad later.
Now, remove the backing of the pad (sometimes the wrapper doubles as the backing).
Center the sticky side of the pad in the bottom panel of your panties (the area that goes between your legs). Be sure not to put it too far to the back or front. If your pad or pantiliner has wings, remove the backing (if necessary) and wrap them around the underside of your panties.
To dispose of a used pad or pantiliner, pull it off your panties and roll it up like a sleeping bag in tissue or the wrapper from a fresh pad. Then toss it in the trash. But remember, never flush a pad or pantiliner down the toilet.
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With all the tampon and pad choices out there, it can be overwhelming to know which products to go with. Have no fear! TheProduct Selector can help you figure out which kinds fit your period and lifestyle.
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