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  Using a Tampax Pearl Lite is as easy as 1-2-3.
Tampax Pearl
1. With clean hands, unwrap a new Tampax Pearl Lite. The outer tube is the part that goes into you, and the thinner tube is the part that pushes the tampon in. The string hangs out.

2. Get comfy. Lots of girls like to stand up with their knees bent. Some girls sit on the toilet. This is all about YOU – so do whatever feels best.

3. Now it's time to try! Hold the applicator lightly on the Anti-Slip GripTM area– where the outer tube and inner tube meet. Gently push the outer tube into the opening of your vagina, aiming it towards your lower back, until your fingers touch your body. Now push the inner tube into the outer tube (this pushes the tampon into your vagina). Pull out the applicator, and presto! You're done!

To remove a tampon, relax your muscles. Slowly and gently pull the removal string (don't worry, it's securely sewn throughout the tampon). If the tampon's hard to pull out, it probably hasn't absorbed enough fluid yet. Always use a tampon with the lowest absorbency for your flow.

Don't worry if the whole thing takes a few tries to get right – that's totally normal.

When a tampon's in correctly, you shouldn't even be able to feel it. And you won't have to miss out on anything this summer, even when you've got your Monthly Gift! Watch and learn!
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Common Q's Find the first-timer tampon Try using a Pearl Lite (it’s easy) Close Pearl’s LeakGuard® Braid helps stop leaks before they happen. Think built-in backup protection. Easy out! When it’s time to change your tampon, just relax and pull this string. Every girl’s different, so Pearl’s FormFit® gently expands inside you to help fit your unique shape. These are Pearl’s LeakGuard® Channels. They direct fluid to the core of the tampon and help lock it away. Easy in! Just this little part. Pearl’s plastic applicator is designed for comfort: super smooth with a rounded tip. This is the Anti-Slip Grip, where you hold on. Makes positioning the tampon super easy.