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Tampax Pearl
Tampax Pearl Lites are the perfect first-time tampon.
They’re super smooth and comfy to insert. In fact, Pearl Lite is our SMALLEST applicator, so you shouldn’t even feel it! But even though they’re mini-sized, they provide super-strong protection against leaks. So you never have to miss out.
  Anatomy of a Tampax Pearl Applicator Tampon
This is what Pearl looks like before you use it. The actual tampon is inside the bigger tube.
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Common Q's Try using a Pearl Lite (it’s easy) Close Pearl’s LeakGuard® Braid helps stop leaks before they happen. Think built-in backup protection. Easy out! When it’s time to change your tampon, just relax and pull this string. Every girl’s different, so Pearl’s FormFit® gently expands inside you to help fit your unique shape. These are Pearl’s LeakGuard® Channels. They direct fluid to the core of the tampon and help lock it away. Easy in! Just this little part. Pearl’s plastic applicator is designed for comfort: super smooth with a rounded tip. This is the Anti-Slip Grip, where you hold on. Makes positioning the tampon super easy.