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Elaine Plummer, Registered Nurse

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Elaine Plummer

Hello, girls! My name is Elaine, and I am a registered nurse. I have lots of experience speaking to teens just like you about puberty, your periods, feminine products, and your health. I think I have the greatest job in the world. I get to provide expert information on, as well as on several blogs and other social media sites where girls like you and your moms go to research health information and just talk to each other about their questions. Hope you feel free to ask away.

comments so far
Posted October 27, 2014
I think it is really awesome that you get to work online
Posted June 07, 2014
i love that i can talk to you when i am too shy to talk to my parents about stuff
Posted March 29, 2014
Why do I get skipped periods even when I've NEVER had intercourse or anything like it?
Posted May 02, 2014
I got a book last year in 5th grade and it said if you don't get a period by the age 14 you may want to talk to your doctor but on here it says by the age sixteen witch is true
Posted June 07, 2014
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See what other girls are asking about beauty& style
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