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Your First Period

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

I just got my first period yesterday, and I was wondering if it was okay if I used a tampon. So, is it?




Dear Ina,

There is no age level you need to reach before you start to use tampons as long as you are menstruating. If you can understand the proper use of tampons and are able to insert a tampon you should be able to wear them.


However, we do suggest that it is a good idea to wait to use tampons until you have a regular cycle and understand your flow. Then you'll have a better idea of the correct absorbency for your flow, which is the lowest absorbency necessary for you to change the tampon in 48 hours. I suggest you read the detailed information on tampon use here [link to OBJ003]. I also suggest you start with Tampax Lites tampons (light absorbency) or Tampax Pearl tampons, regular absorbency. The smooth, rounded applicator helps make insertion easy.


Try talking to your mom about this. She can be your resident expert.


Good luck,

BeingGirl Experts, for, brought to you by Tampax Tampons, and Always Pads & Pantiliners

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comments so far
Posted April 07, 2014
To VisualArt- trust me u do not want your first period I have had mine and it's not something u want to look forward to.
Posted April 02, 2014
I don't have my Period yet but I have a lot of discharge so...... I really want it to come, I have had discharge for almost 2 years now!
Posted July 25, 2011
Tampons can't get stuck....its harder to get out if theres barely to nothing on it but it cant get stuck like stuck stuck.
Posted March 01, 2014
i had my first period about a year ago and i havent got it aging is that a problem?
Posted August 18, 2011
idk i have this weird feeling that im going to get my first period in class towards the end of the day idk i just has this vibe
Swimmer gal
Swimmer gal
Posted February 04, 2012
I got my first period on the day of a swim meet and I used a tamping he very first day
Posted July 08, 2011
I was wondering 2 if i could wear a tampon my mom said im not old enough but....? i think she just doesnt want me growing upp

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