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Added August 01, 2013

Why Keep A Secret?

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Everybody has secrets, right? Not everyone can keep them, though. We all have certain friends we trust with our secrets and others we know will blab our personal business all over school.

Can you keep a secret? Are you a friend that cannot keep a secret, even though your friend made you pinky promise you'd never tell anyone? Or are you the friend everyone comes to when they need to spill the beans because they know they can trust you?

Sometimes secrets can be huge loads to carry. When is it okay to lock your friend's confession up and when are we supposed to tell someone? Why keep a secret?

Your friend tells you she used to wet the bed when she was little or something else really embarrassing. Do you spread this bit of info all over the school? No! This is NOT okay to tell to others. If the two of you were confiding in each other about embarrassing moments, keep it to yourself. If you blab her bedwetting history, people will only react cruelly by calling her names. When your friend becomes known as Susie Bed-Wetter, you can kiss your friendship goodbye!

What if your friend tells everyone your secret? Do you run around school dishing out her dirt? Chances are you really want to! However, doing so will only lower you to her level. Instead, talk to your friend and tell her how she made you feel and that you don't trust her anymore. Hopefully, she'll understand her wrongdoing.

You catch your friend cheating on an exam. Do you keep it to yourself? Don't immediately run to a teacher. Talk to your friend first. Tell her that next time, if she needs help on a test, she can study with you. Explain that getting caught cheating on a test can carry serious consequences, like failing the class!

If you catch your friend stealing answers again, speak to your teacher privately. Explain that you think certain students are cheating. You don't have to name names.

If your friend confides in you that someone is hurting her or she's hurting yourself, take this secret seriously. Whether someone at home is abusing her or she has a problem with drugs or alcohol, your friend needs help. This secret, if kept, can have terrible consequences. Now, don't start running around blabbing to everyone. First, offer your friend help in finding a counselor or talking to her parents. If she refuses your help and seems to get worse, confide in a counselor or your parents. She might be upset at first, but in the end, with proper help, she'll see that you were helping her.

If Betty tells you she waxes her upper lip and Maria whispers to you that she has a crush on the quarterback, keep it to yourself! Friends go to each other with their dreams, secrets, and fears because they trust each other. Don't break that trust! Respect your friends and respect their secrets and they'll respect yours!

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Posted March 29, 2014
I only have one friend that doesn't go out and tell everyone so every time I would tell the other girl (that keeps my secrets) the other girl (that has to tell everyone)then she has to know so she can go tell everybody but I always forgive her
Posted February 07, 2014
Brie-My brother sucked his thumb. The lady he went to told him that people who have not stopped have not learned to hold tongue in the correct place in their mouths. The tip of your tongue should always be in the dip between your teeth and the top of the inside of your mouth. Practice holding your tongue up there when you think about it and your brain will get used to it and at some point, it will be trained to do it by itself.
Posted November 22, 2013
That's a really good idea Grace of Lerua. I think I'll try that. I keep my friends' secrets but I'm not sure if they keep mine. If I absolutly have to tell somebody, I writee their secrets down in my personal journal. (Nobody ever asks me about what's in it.)
Posted August 23, 2012
I tell my mom people's secrets if I have to tell someone. She would never tell a soul, and she isn't involved so she can keep a secret.
Posted August 07, 2011
brie i suggest u keep ur hands busy wid something! if u do it when ur bored then try to find something to occupy ur idle hands! so just keep restarining eventually u will quit the habit
Grace of Lerua
Grace of Lerua
Posted December 09, 2011
I actually test my friends with a fake secret. If they tell, I know I can't trust them.
Posted July 30, 2011
I am the first one to comment on this. I have a secret that i want to spill out. I want to just say this infront of people, but not the people i know. I am 13 years old going into 8th in a month. My biggest secret in my life is... I suck my thumb during the day at home only. When i was a little baby my mom didnt teach me how to not suck my thumb. So im stuck like this, and wheni have a sleep over i have to restrain my self to suck my thumb or else ill be embarrassed. Can someone tell me how to get rid of this habbit plzzzz ---Briel
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