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Stress, Depression & Anxiety

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Added April 23, 2014

Why Do People Cry?

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When was the last time you cried? In the middle of a fight with your best friend? At the end of your favorite television program? In front of the class when you started to mess up during your oral report? How did you feel afterward? Embarrassed? Surprised? Relieved? Well, although they often flow uninvited, and just as often betray how you're really feeling to the immediate world, those tears are an important part of your life. And probably the healthiest way you have of expressing and releasing emotion.


What's so healthy about crying?
Crying burns off pent-up energy and helps you relax. Why do people cry? Those tears aid in ridding the body of toxins by releasing chemicals that build up when we're stressed. Some of those chemicals, called beta-endorphins, are natural pain relievers produced by the body.


Why do people cry less than I do?
How much you cry depends on the same factors that make you you: your temperament, your family, and the ethnic and cultural environment you were raised in. So why do people cry less than you do? It might also be because you're more in touch with how you're feeling than those around you.


What if I never cry?
Not to worry, it doesn't mean you're hardhearted or insensitive. But you might want to think about any negative feelings you have about crying. Chances are you've been conditioned not to release your emotions too freely.


Why do people cry, but boys don't?
Little boys cry as much as little girls until society's "be a man" thing kicks in. Ever hear of peer pressure?
 That whole stiff-upper-lip thing boys are taught at an early age causes them to disconnect from their sad feelings. Once puberty begins, most girls cry about five times a month, most boys only once.


Why do people cry?

  • Statistics show that sadness accounts for 49% of tears
  • Happiness for 21%
  • Anger for 10%
  • Sympathy for 7%
  • Anxiety for 5%


Why do people cry around their periods?
Studies show that girls cry five times more often right before and during their period. Yep, as you suspected, it's those hormones. So why do people cry around their periods? Girls have more of a tear-producing hormone called prolactin. And it tends to go wild during menstruation. So know you're not crazy. Or weak. Or too sensitive. Forgive yourself and rest easy knowing how much better you'll feel once those stress-related chemicals are washed away.


The happy truth is that crying is good for you, physically and psychologically. And as an extra bonus, one researcher swears that people not only feel better afterward, they look better, too!

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Posted July 30, 2014
I cried so badly along with my friend at our brother/sister graduation. Then two jerks started making fun of us. I started balling my eyes out when my brothers name was called during the ceremony. My friends cried too when their siblings names were called. Also we all broke into tears when the headed out roses. BTW my friends and I were playing our flutes for the graduation. Really touching and sad day.??????????????
Posted July 29, 2014
OMG I cry all the time about the littlest things...oh puberty, your such a BFF. :(
Posted August 12, 2012
i have only sobbed twice that i can remember (other than throwing a tantrum when i was little) when my dog passed away who my family had longer than how long i was alive at the time and when my grandma passed away which was more recently. but i am constantly tearing up. i never actually cry i hold it in because then i will make noises and my family will be able to hear me so i just have tears in my eyes a lot but i never actually cry. but i am always depressed.
Posted July 23, 2012
i cry a lot but not that much
Posted October 18, 2012
Its very hard for me to cry, I dont show any emotion about anything...
Posted August 05, 2012
My fish was dying last night so I was crying my eyes out for like 5 hours straight. (Im REALLY sensitive)
Tay Tyler
Tay Tyler
Posted May 30, 2012
@Sarah Merchacha :), wow were like twins! i do the same thing! well, exept i dont have a cheer coach :/
Posted June 27, 2012
I just realized something kinda funny...the article said "Why do PEOPLE cry, but BOYS don't?"!!!! Lol X) Not trying to be immature or however you would think it was not funny I just thought that was kind of funny. I believe that boys are from Mars...O.o
Posted June 21, 2012
i cry too much
Posted June 14, 2012
my mom sold one of my "nine drawers" and she took out my clothes. (i have a ton of clothes) then she made a huge mess in my room without cleaning it up. I had to even fold my clothes...:( And she told me to do it now! and one hour later my dad says "Why are you folding your clothes up now!!?? and told me to clean the ***** thing up!
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