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Why Are Girls So Mean?

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

Why are girls so mean to each other? They talk behind your back, and say other things to your face.




Dear Jessica,

I wish I knew a simple answer to this. What I do know is girls are showing their own insecurity when treating one another in mean and inconsiderate ways. There are so many so many changes going on when you are a teen. Often this can cause a lack of confidence to develop.


Just because girls are mean to you and others doesn’t mean you need to act this way. Treating others with the same respect you want to be treated is the right thing to do.


Hope this helps,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted June 02, 2012
I go to veterans park academy for the arts in lehigh. And there are some girls that think that the world doesnt deserve them. If you make a face at them,or even if they hear you metion them they start a nasty rumor about you. Like you have a seceret crush on the dummest,ugliest boy you can amagin at school... or worse and you know what I mean. So if there is any mean girl right now reading this I hope you relize that there is a lot more people that dislike you than like you.
Posted May 11, 2012
A girl dumped a bottle of water on me because i didn't respond to her when she talked to me, jerks.
Posted May 05, 2012
Girls think it's cool. not the girls on this page obviously but most girls are so effected by the media, that they wear high heels, they cuss, they dye their hair, and it's gross.
queen supreme
queen supreme
Posted September 18, 2011
thats how all girls are. sometimes we hate each other other times we are the best of friends.
Posted November 29, 2011
Girls are just awful, whether it's in school, work, or sports. I played volleyball for a year and a half & it was nothing but drama, drama, drama. Even when they're not saying stuff to your face, they can treat you like you're worthless and that just ruins your self esteem. I know so many girls who quit the team because of those few who weren't talented at anything except killing confidence. I was lucky enough to learn from the experience & realize that your success is not determined by how many points you score in a game, if you're the most popular on the team, or if you're the MVP, but by what you learn and what lessons you take away from the experience. Speaking from experience, mean girls don't amount to anything & things get better. I ended up writing a book called The Bench Sitter based on that year and a half and I'm happier than ever. (: Don't let mean girls get to you, ever! -Katlin Sweeney, 18 Year Old Author of The Bench Sitter.
Posted September 30, 2011
Same with my "friend" she talks to me about other people and then she talks about me behind me back.
Posted August 03, 2011
girls are mean all the time to other people at my school


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