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When To Start Dating

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

I am about to start my freshman year! I'm not so nervous about making friends, but I sometimes think I am waaaay too young to date! But I know that freshman through senior years is where dating begins. Or does it? Can you help me? I know I'm mature and have a great personality and think I'm ready, but when I discuss it with my mom I feel all young again, like I'm too immature for it all...but I don't think I am...HELP! I don't know when to start dating!




Dear Felicia,

Relax, there are a lot of things ahead of you in high school, and you'll handle them one at a time. You will meet people in your classes and by joining in activities you are interested in. Take things slowly at first and get to know your new school along with the types of activities available. Over the first semester you will begin to be more comfortable and will begin finding your way around the buildings as well as a better idea of the kids you want to hang out with.


Many teens begin dating in high school and many others don’t. There isn’t a right age to start dating. This is individual and is a decision you and your parents need to agree on. When you will want to date has a lot to do with when you meet a guy you are interested in. Most adults will tell you not out focus on one person as a teen because you will end up spending all your energy and miss out on the best parts of your teen years.


Your parents can be helpful as you mature and find your feelings begin to change about guys.


Good luck,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted May 02, 2014
I don't wanna date yet,cause I'm only in middle school and I do like boys alot but they always use me.Like before the last day of school,This boy liked me and I started liking him to.But then he broke up with me and said that he's more into 8th grade girls!I felt used by him.By the way he was super cute.
Posted September 22, 2012
What if your dad won't let you date?
Posted June 02, 2012
Im a freshman...Am I to young? I feel like Im ready:/
Posted August 07, 2012
In my school,when two people find out they like eachother,they decide to date in school and they don't tell their parents.So yeah.
Posted July 21, 2012
A few girls in my grade starting dating in 5th grade. I was 13 when I started dating. It's not really dating though. It's just saying that you are really good friends that really like each other. By saying that your "dating" at like 13 is just saying that no one else can date that person.
Posted June 14, 2012
I don't have a boyfriend, but I mean it would seem a little awkward around my mom. Idk she's just awkward about the idea of dating and I think I'd feel uncomfortable going around telling her I have a boyfriend or whatever. But of course I'd never expect it to go well, I'm just in highschool. And a lot of highschool boys don't want to be in a relationship for the reason yo'd think T_T just when you think they're nice, they turn out to be pervs.
Posted April 07, 2012
i date with out anybody knowing and iv ben dating scence i was seven and now im thirteen
Posted March 25, 2012
I know how you feel, my parents say i cant until im sixteen, but i feel it like when im ready i should be allowed to


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