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What Is A Normal Cycle?

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Dear BeingGirl Experts:

I am 21 years old and the time between my periods still has not become consistent. The time is usually nowhere near the average 28 days. It can be from 31 days to 62 days, with one or two months in-between. There is no pattern at all, but my actual period, the length and flow, is usually the same. Is there something wrong? Should I be at all worried? (I haven't really questioned it before because everyone says it takes a few years to develop a pattern, but I think I started when I was 13! I am not sexually active so pregnancy is never a possibility for it being a longer period between my monthly flow.)


I would appreciate any information or advice you could give me.




Dear Sky,

Not all women cycle in the "textbook" way. You sound as though your cycle is very inconsistent although your period is pretty much the same each time.


By the age of 21 you should have been to a gynecologist. Have you ever visited one? If not, make an appointment and get a physical exam. If you have never been sexually active s/he will probably not do an internal or pelvic exam. Although if you explain your situation to him or her and there needs to be an internal exam, explaining that you are still a virgin will alert him/her and make the exam easier to get through. Don't panic: doctors examine virgins regularly.


For right now, relax. Your cycle may be absolutely normal for you. The only time this may become a problem is if you are trying to conceive.


Good luck,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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