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Added April 10, 2014

What Causes Pimples?

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Sometimes it might seem that puberty is the worst time to get zits. After all, your body's going through so many other changes already. Unfortunately, zits are a result of those changes.


You may be wondering, "What causes pimples?" As your body changes and matures during your teenage years, hormones like testosterone are produced in your ovaries and adrenal glands. Testosterone stimulates oil production. So basically acne is a hormone problem. As you mature and your hormones calm down, your acne will most likely go away.


You're not alone: Unlike periods, zits are a puberty issue that boys have to deal with, too!

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Posted May 08, 2014
try aveeno, they have amazing skin care products! i use them everyday and girls beg me for my healthy skin and hair.
Posted September 22, 2012
There is a simple, and very easy remedy that helps relieve my pimples: honey. It's an antibacterial, and it's gentle, so it works awesome. I use it as a pimple preventer, and in one month, my forehead is almost pimple free (i previously had a lot) How to use: before bed, dab honey on tender, red, bumpy spots that you know will turn into big whiteheads. The next morning, it will be gone, there will be less redness, or it will be a small whitehead that's almost unnoticable. Try it, and you will love it. It might not be a cure-it-all, but it keeps it under control.
queen supreme
queen supreme
Posted September 18, 2011
well i don't like pimples.
Posted July 01, 2012
I'm not happy about my pimples...I have so many...
Posted July 09, 2012
@queen supreme: i dont think anyone likes pimples!
Posted June 21, 2012
i got one tiny pimple
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