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Stress, Depression & Anxiety

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Added April 23, 2014

Ways To Cheer Up

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Monique was totally bummed. She finally got the courage up to ask out Mark, and he turned her down. She was so embarrassed! Even worse, her best friend was moving out of the country at the end of the semester. What was her life going to be like without her? It seemed that everything was going wrong for Monique. She needed ways to cheer up.


Have you ever felt like this and needed ways to cheer up? That everything was going wrong at once, giving you a major case of the blues? Unfortunately, being bummed is more common than you think. But fortunately, there are easy ways to cheer up and make yourself feel better.


Ways to Cheer Up 1: Makeover Magic

Yeah. Yeah. You've heard this before from your mom"style your hair" or "get new makeup and clothes." Well, she tells you this is because it works! You feel better when you take care of yourself and look your best.


Ways to Cheer Up 2: Workout Wonders

Nothing helps bust the blues better than a sweaty workout. It's a great stress reliever, and it helps you feel strong and powerful! If you're not on a team at school, take an aerobics class at your local YMCA. If you like to swim, sign up for lessons. Or just get together with a buddy for a daily jog. The healthier you become, the better you'll feel.


Ways to Cheer Up 3: Volunteer and Make a Difference

Sitting at home obsessing about bad stuff won't make you feel better. So do something positive for yourself...and for other people. Monique started working as a candy striper at her local hospital. At first it was just to keep busy, but after a while, she loved the feeling of helping someone. There are lots of ways you can help (visiting nursing homes, walking dogs at the local shelter). So find one! You'll definitely feel good about yourself.


Ways to Cheer Up 4: Take off the Blues Sunglasses

You know the saying about looking at life through rose-colored glasseseverything looks pretty. When you're sad, sometimes it's the opposite everything looks horrible. Don't let it. You can feel more than one feeling at once. So even though you might be sad about one thing, you can be happy about another.


Monique was devastated about Mark, but instead of dwelling on that, she focused on ways to cheer up and thought about the A she got on her history paper. So if you're going through a tough time, be good to yourself and think of ways to cheer up. This is the time to build yourself up. List things that you've done right and that you're happy about. There are a lot of them.


The Blues hit everyone. It's just a part of life. But give yourself time, focus on the good in your life, and know that you'll get through to the happy days ahead.

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Posted April 02, 2012
20DawgFan07, Im sure you've heard this before, nut just be there for her. Try to distract her with fun things you like to do together, but if she wants to talk about it, just let her talk. She'll feel much better after getting all of her feeling out. Hope this helps(:
Posted December 16, 2011
My friend just lost the dog she grew up with to cancer... What can I do to cheer her up?
Olive :))
Olive :))
Posted October 04, 2011
I love doing all this stuff!! soo much fun! except my mom doesn't let me wear makeup only lipgloss..... 8D
Posted June 13, 2011
I get upset all the time and this will help me go through hard times! It will also help my friend who has trouble in school and needs to cheer up!:)
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