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Added August 01, 2013

Vegetarianism: Vegetarian Facts

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Vegetarian Facts: How to do it healthfully.


Vegetarian FactsWhat types are there?

A vegetarian totally avoids eating meatincluding fish, poultry, and red meat. But there are a few types of vegetariansthese are the two basic ones: 

  • Partial vegetarians often eat eggs and milk and are called ovo-lacto-vegetarians.
  • Absolute vegetarians are known as vegans, and tend to avoid any food that comes from animalsincluding milk, cheese, and eggs.


If you want to go veggie, you might consider shifting to that lifestyle slowly. Always consult a doctor or nutritionist first before dramatically changing your eating habits. Becoming a vegetarian could be good for your body if you're still getting the right vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Try giving up red meat and poultry first. Although people who eat fish aren't considered vegetarians, fish is a good protein source to keep in your diet until you get used to other types of protein.


Vegetarian FactsWhy veggie?

People choose vegetarian diets for a lot of reasons. Some people just don't like meat products; some find meat and milk products hard to digest; others do it for political reasonsthey don't like the idea of killing a living thing in order to eat. Whatever your reason, you can have a very healthy diet if you choose vegetarianism, but it will take a little education and research to do it healthfully.


Here are some suggestions. But if you really want to have a strictly vegetarian diet, you might want to meet with a nutritionist, or at the very least, get a good book on vegetarianism.


Vegetarian FactsHow to go veggie healthfully

The big problems that inexperienced vegetarians suffer from are B12 and protein deficiencies. B12 becomes a problem because it isn't easily available from plants. Sometimes vegetarians take a multi-vitamin to make up for that loss.


Protein requirements don't change when you go veggieyou just select plant protein over animal ones. Women need about 4550 grams per day. To get your daily requirements of protein, you have to substitute other amino acids for your body, and eat a variety of foods.


Veggies should still stick to the food pyramidthat is, mostly carbs, some protein, and a little fat. The only difference is you'll eat non-meat foods. The majority of your diet should be fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates. Remember food combining helps vegetarians obtain appropriate protein portions. For example, mixing carbohydrates (rice, whole grain breads) with nuts and beans will keep those amino acids building tissue.


Vegetarian FactsNon-meat protein sources

If you decide to be a partial veggieyou can still eat eggs, cheese, and milk products. These are all great sources of protein, but eggs are high in cholesterol and cheeses are high in fat and calories. Just eat them in moderation. Other protein sources include: 

  • Nuts and seedspeanut butter, sunflower seeds, any other kind of nut (seeds are generally better for you than nutsless fat and calories).
  • BeansMexican food is a veggie standard! It's because beansred, black, pink, whiteall are great sources of protein, especially when mixed with whole grains like rice.
  • Soy productsthis includes soymilk, tofu and its family of productslike soy cheese, soy hot dogs, soy burgers, and tempeh. Some of these "phony" meat substitutes have gotten really goodit's hard to tell a grilled soy cheese sandwich from regular American cheese.


You'd be surprised what other foods have proteinfor example, a spaghetti dinner with tomato sauce, two slices of bread and a large salad provides almost 16 grams, about half of your daily need! Be careful not to eat too much pasta or cheese, though (it's high-cal). Instead, eat a wide variety of other types of protein.


For information on vegetarian facts, take a look at the books:


Diet for a Small Planet

by Frances Moore Lappe (Ballantine)


A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

by Judy Krizmanic (Puffin)

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comments so far
Posted August 22, 2013
I've now been a vegetarian for about half a year or so an a vegan for about 2 or 3 weeks and I feel so much better than I used to :)
Posted July 03, 2013
Well i have decided im ganna do it! yay im joining the vegetarian club! as of tomorow!
Posted June 23, 2012
I just turned veggie last week. Obviously I quit red meat, but I haven't gotten rid of fish yet. Tomorrow (06/23/12) is my last day of fish/seafood. :) Rockstar09
Your Local Veg Head
Your Local Veg Head
Posted February 29, 2012
:) i have been a veg head for 4 or 5 months :) i love it!
Posted July 19, 2012
the only meat i eat actually is chicken and bacon
Smart Source
Smart Source
Posted November 23, 2012
I've been a vegetarian since my birth...
Posted December 31, 2011
I am going to be a semi-vegetarian. I am an animal lover, but I'm not really doing it for animals. I'm doing it for myself. I am a typically energetic person, but I would like to have more, natural energy, I am almost never sick, and when I am, it's because I have not had any vegetables. So I'll eat a bag of carrots and feel better. But I just want to feel better all the time!!! Starting in the new year, I will have a new plan where I eat vegetarian and have 1 cheat breakfast, dinner and lunch per week. It's gonna be hard but, baby steps! Who knows, maybe I'll go all the way sometime! :)
Posted November 29, 2011
I would hate being vegitarian. gota love bacon susage eggs and cheese in the morning
Posted January 31, 2012
As u can tell from my screen name im not a vegetarian
Posted December 20, 2011
I've always been in the veggie club
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