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Added August 01, 2013

Valentine's Day Ideas

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Okay, admit it. There was a time when you looked forward to Valentine's Day. Remember the fun in kindergarten when you glued those red hearts onto doilies and wrote silly little poems that your parents and teachers just loved? You were happy, no doubt about it. Do you remember the cards you received back then? How many you got and who sent them? Probably not. Those were the years before that kind of stuff meant just how pretty and popular you were. Come on now, can a piece of paper, a box of candy, or a bunch of flowers determine if you're a hottie?




We understand that the headlines, billboards, and advertisements shout how great this holiday is if you have a boyfriend. But if you don't, don't despair. You've got plenty of company. We have some Valentine's Day ideas about how you can spend February 14, without finding the time to wallow about being left out of the hype. Look in the mirror and see yourself as we see you: creative, funny, bright, and beautiful. Then pick out the suggestions that sound like you!


Valentine's Day IdeasCelebrate yourself. There are many wonderful unique qualities you bring to the world. Write down five things that you LOVE about yourself. If you don't acknowledge them, how can you expect anyone else to?


Valentine's Day IdeasDo something to make you feel good. Take a long bubble bath. Try a glorious new hair product like Herbal Essence. Buy a new lipstick. Give yourself a pedicure. Show yourself how much you value you.


Valentine's Day IdeasFriends are one of life's greatest gifts. Let yours know how much you care about them. Invite a few over and rent an old sappy movie like Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink. Provide the Kleenex...and the chocolate kisses.


Valentine's Day IdeasDo something for someone else. Volunteer your time at an animal shelter. Send your grandma a loving email. Bring in your neighbor's trashcan. Reach out to help others, and enjoy the gift of being a compassionate, generous person.


Valentine's Day IdeasBuy that new CD, DVD, or video game you've wanted now...and give it to someone who really deserves it: you!


Valentine's Day IdeasPut a smile on your face and laugh. Recent research has shown that laughing provides a boatload of emotional and physical benefits. You can change your thought process and replace it with its opposite. There are plenty of websites and TV shows to help you begin.


Valentine's Day IdeasAsk your parents about their favorite Valentine's Day. We bet it wasn't in middle school.


Valentine's Day IdeasTake care of your heart. Since this is the holiday of hearts, why not be good to yours and exercise it! Go to the gym, take a jog, or shoot some hoops. Get moving and let nature's natural mood elevator, endorphins, kick in and raise your spirits.


Valentine's Day IdeasThink about your inner beauty. Read a book to nourish your soul. We all spend way too much time worrying about what our outside looks like when our real beauty radiates form within.


Valentine's Day IdeasTell someone that you love them.


Love yourself 24/7.

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Posted February 17, 2013
i love valentines day. The problem is in school we dont trade valentines anymore so i secretly have to give them out myself. Im too old for some stuff. so annoying.
Posted March 08, 2012
well i couldn't figure out what to get my bf for valentines day so for anyone who doesn't know what to get him here are some ideas 1.starbucks giftcard of you and him 3.cute card with picture of you and him for those of you who were wondering i hoped this helped<3
Posted February 12, 2012
NICE ADVICE! but in our tradition, valentine isn't about boyfriend & girlfriend and how they love each other. It's about exchanging gift & and showing love to people who are just your friends.
Posted February 08, 2012
I'm afraid that I'll b alone this valentines day... Oh well, I'll just get all my single girl friends and watch a movie like they said
Posted February 17, 2012
Sooo it's valentines day! Ya, no ones my valentines :( I loved, and yes it was love, this guy but he kinda turned me down verbally i only asked him out cuz of zap. Anyway then I liked this one guy, ya he doesnt want to date and doesnt like me back. Then in 5th grade i liked this one kid cuz he said I looked amazing at grad. Now, theres a kid I like and he likes me back...but my friend likes him, we promised we wouldnt get mad and crap but ya...and theres another guy who is really funny and always talks to me. I'm waiting for the one guy my friend likes to ask me out but it has to be perfect. Lover- boy 1 Grad. nicey- boy 2 non dater- boy 3 friend likes- boy 4 and funny bunny- boy 5 who who who should I go with?? FYI: I'm in 6th grade.
Posted February 12, 2012
What should I get my bf for Valentines Day. We have only been dating about 2-3 weeks, but only as good friends not kissing every chance you see him
I love gaga
I love gaga
Posted November 03, 2011
These are wonderful ideas! I'm going to make a bunch of origami roses for my sweet heart! I bet he will be surprised! If there's a guy you like I encourage for you to jump into the deep end because you never know what will happen! Life is full of wonderful surprises keep faith in your self and smile!
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