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Added August 01, 2013

Valentine's Day For Singles

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Whether you think Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year or a silly holiday created by greeting card companies, it's here and everyone expects you to have someone special to spend the day with. What if you don't? What then? Should you crawl under the covers, light some candles, listen to love songs, and cry all day? No way! You're young, beautiful, and single. Let's celebrate Valentine's Day for singles this year!


What's so great about being single on V Day? Let's turn that question around. What's NOT great about being single on V Day? Here are some reasons you should love having a Valentine's Day for singles:


  • You don't have to worry about buying the "perfect" gift for your boyfriend.
  • No need to stress about the money you'll spend on an expensive restaurant.
  • Instead of focusing on being alone, you can spend this Valentine's Day focusing on all the reasons you love yourself!


Are your friends single, too? Awesome! Plan to spend the night together. You can go out dancing, get dinner, go shopping, or see a movie. 

Short on cash, but big on love for your BFFs? Plan to meet at a friend's house and have a potluck dinner where each gal brings a delish dish. Or you could cook dinner together. Set the table with an extra-special tablecloth and use the good china. Light some candles, and voila! You have an awesomely yummy dinner for all. Ask the parents for permission first before you make these big plans.


It's OK if all of your friends have plans for V Day. Don't think you're a loser or that no one loves you if you don't. People place a lot of importance on Valentine's Day, but it's just another day! Just because you don't have a date on February 14, doesn't mean anyone loves you any less today than they did on the 13th.


Valentine's Day is a great excuse to pamper yourself. Get a manicure, indulge in your favorite foods, dance like a maniac around your bedroom to your fave music, or do anything that makes you happy.


Here are some things NOT to do, unless you want your Valentine's Day to be ruined:


  • Listen to sappy music and think about the boyfriend you don't have.
  • Watch a love story; stick to comedies or action flicks.
  • Lay in bed all day.
  • Mope around feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Call an ex-boyfriend. 

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comments so far
Posted September 07, 2014
Me and my friends always go to the mall- even if we have a boyfriend. FRIENDS FIRST!
Posted September 02, 2014
all of my V day i am single but this year i am not
Posted December 01, 2013
Actually I'm not ugly but average.I have lovely Brown eyes,beautiful skin my only complaint is my forehead it's big well not huge but big simply uncomplicated big.and as I say to the others I may have a big forehead but on beautiful just the way I'm am
Posted May 30, 2014
i love being single on V day! i can go buy myself some chocolates and shove them in my face and then go make fun of couples that i hate and they can't hate back because i don't have a bf! so haha
Posted February 09, 2014
One of my guys friend bday is valentine da so im still think what to buy him. I think i will do what i did with he friend and my friend which is wish him happy bday
Posted March 08, 2013
Valentine's Day is what I would like to call a "Hallmark Holiday" meaning, it isn't actually a real holiday. It's just a stupid reason to get a card and splurge on someone. So, It's fine to be single on Valentine's Day. It's pointless.
Posted June 06, 2012
ok so i was txting my friend (a guy friend) and he said do you have a valentine, i said no and he said same here but i told him about this kid i liked and i could tell we was dissopointed, he almost asked me, but sadly the kid i liked said no to :( so im gonna give my guy friend a try!!!!!!! i just hate being alone, of course im to young to go out but we can still tlk lol
Posted February 17, 2013
When you're single, you have more freedom than when you have a boyfriend because you don't have to worry about buying gifts and you can buy stuff for yourself
Posted April 17, 2012
My bf was perfect on v-day....he dumped me!!!!
Posted June 22, 2012
Im perfectly fine about being single now.... Before i couldnt stand it cause i wanted to be close to someone and i wanted to feel happy.... Truth is... im depressed... and i've had MAJOR problems with dating guys that i know but i dont want to date a guy that i dont know cause then he may break my heart... and my hearts been broken.. ALOT!!! One guy said he loved me but then said it was peer pressure >:(
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