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Added August 01, 2013

Using Tampons

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Sometimes it seems Superman has an easier time pulling off a quick change in a phone booth than a girl who's looking to change her tampon in the middle of a school day. If it's not the fear of the telltale crinkle, it's the paranoia that someone will see you palm a product on your way to the stall. Well, have no fear; we're here to help. With the right products and some good sound advice, using tampons can be silent and discreet.


First off, you don't need to fake cough every time you open a tampon in the bathroom stall. Or give an extra flush. Or stomp your feet and yell to cover the crinkling noise. Also, with all the other stuff going on in the girls room, the noise of a tampon or pad wrapper is pretty hard to hear unless the school gossip queen is listening at the stall door. And if she gets caught doing that, well, how sad for her!


Second, everyone in the girls room is a girl. And that means they'll all have to deal with a period someday (if they don't already), so they're just as nervous and curious as you are. Bottom line is, it's no biggie. But if you are concerned about being overheard in the stall, try these tips.


Tampon Dos

  • Practice using tampons at home. See how quiet you can be when making a quick change.
  • Experiment with different brands and types of protection. It's true, some wrappers seem kinda crinkly, but others are made to be extra quiet and easy to open. Tampax Pearl tampons have quiet wrappers that open with tabs, and you can place the applicator back in the wrapper to throw it away.
  • Be discreet when you're bringing a tampon into the girls room with you, but have fun with it, too. Challenge your friends to come up with the best hiding places. Anyone can bring a purse to the restroom (a classic hiding spot), but try tucking it in your waistband, bra, sock, or cell phone case. No one needs to suspect a thing.
  • Understand your menstrual cycle and always use the lowest absorbency tampon for your flow.
  • For better hiding potential, try compact tampons, like the Tampax Compak Pearl. They're full-size tampons, but the applicator is tucked in so it fits in the palm of your hand. Once you pull the tabs to open the wrapper, extend the back of the applicator until it clicks into place, and you're good to go.
  • When opening a tampon or pad wrapper that doesn't have an easy-open tab or string, tear carefully and slowly across the top. If you rip down the middle, the product could go flying!
  • If you use pads all the time, try switching to using tampons during sports or exercise. No special type necessary. Use the brand that works the best for you. Tampax tampons are discreet, easy to insert and remove, comfortable to wear and are unnoticeable under any sports uniform, even a leotard.


Tampon Don'ts

  • Don't try to go the whole school day without changing or using tampons. To avoid any problems or leaks, tampons should be changed every 48 hours. No tampon should be worn for more than 8 hours.
  • Don't unwrap the tampon at home and bring it in unwrapped for later use. The wrapper protects the tampon and keeps it clean, and should be left on until you're ready to insert.
  • Don't leave your used tampon wrapper or applicator lying around. Not only is that a telltale sign you're having your period, it's also gross!
  • Don't gossip about classmates heading to the girls room for a quick change. It'll be your turn soon enough, and you'd hate to have the tables turned. Better yet, if you notice someone's having trouble concealing a leak or comes up short a feminine product, offer to help. She'll never forget your kindness in her hour of need!

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comments so far
Posted July 03, 2013
I am so freaked about using a tampon! My mom has me scared of using one. I am so tired of using pads and I want to be able to use them for a change, but I am so scared, never used them before.
Posted January 13, 2013
okay, well i tried my first tampon the other day. i was SUPER freaked out, and i even considered missing my swim practice because i didnt want to use one. but i told myself every girl goes through it, and TA-DA! It took me a few times, but it was super easy, and didnt hurt at all! hope this helps :)
Posted July 27, 2012
It took me alot of tries to get a tampon it, i finally got it in with the help of petroleum jelly, i put it on the tip of the applicator and it went in smoothly :) i love this websites, its very helpful and this site is also very reliable for information on stuff u have questions about. A+ for this website ;D
Posted July 19, 2012
I want I use tampons but I just don't have the guts! I'm mostly scared about TSS! What if I get it? Is it easy to get?
Posted September 05, 2012
I used a tampon on my second period and it was fine, i got freaked out because i had swimming in gym while i was on my period and it turns out its not as freaky as it sounds:)
Posted July 21, 2012
Im ganna do what is says in that email Just grab some tampax pearl lite and just put some in the basket and See what my mom does Cuz im not playing softball in a pad AGAIN !!!!!!
Posted July 09, 2012
you prob can go swimming without a pad, but it's not the best idea. a tampon is the best way to go
Posted July 09, 2012
another thing: keep trying if you can't put in a tampon. it took me about a third of a box of tampons to finally get it in! but, i panicked and took it out right away :P ya, im a wimp. but it didnt hurt at all! so don't be scared, and keep trying!
Posted June 23, 2012's summer and im gonna get my period soon ;'3 i don't have any tampons. O.o Do i need to get some or what? Can i swim with nothing on and on my period? Wtf do i do?
Posted June 22, 2012
I'm just started my period yesterday and I have mild CP, so I'm really nervous about using tampon and having it hurt me. Please help!
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