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Uses Of Tampons

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This may sound weird, but when I use a tampon I get this uncomfortable feeling and sometimes pain when I insert or remove it. I use slender or lite tampons but this still happens. Please help me, I am worried.




Dear C.M.,

I suggest you first go to here [link to OBJ003]. Be sure you are inserting the tampon at the correct angle and that it is inserted completely with the entire tampon in your body and only the string out of your body. Don't forget to remove the applicator sections. If the tampon is inserted properly, you should not feel any discomfort.


Removal of a tampon can be uncomfortable when the tampon is not saturated. Be sure you have left the tampon in place for 48 hours and that it is wet enough to slide out, and that you are removing it at the correct angle (opposite to insertion).


Good luck,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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