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Added April 23, 2014

13 Things To Try While You’re a Teen

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This is a great time of your life! Just think about it. You’re growing up and have some independence to try new things. Now’s the time! Here’s our list of top things to do while you’re a teen.


  • 1. Do Something for the First Time

    Learn to knit. Play a musical instrument. Discover a new language. Have fun exploring something new!


  • 2. Do Random Acts of Kindness

    Whether it’s adding a dime into an expired meter or picking up a bottle on the sidewalk and putting it into the recycling bin, you’ll be surprised how good you can feel from doing simple, nice things for people without expecting anything in return. It’s great to help someone out and put a smile on his or her face ☺.


  • 3. Appreciate Your Good Health

    We sometimes take our good health for granted, but at a moment’s notice, it can be turned upside down. Give thanks for your good health and honor and respect its needs. Eat well-balanced meals, take time for physical activity and protect your skin with SPF.


  • 4. Deposit Money into Your Bank Account and Keep It There

    Now is the time to start managing your money right and to start saving your money. Avoid spending money on things you don’t really need and instead set a goal for how you will spend your money on something important. The rewards of accomplishing your goal, coupled with the rewards of seeing that sum in the bank, are worth the hard work.


  • 5. Road Trip to a New Place

    This is the time in your life where you can feed your interest to explore the world. After all, it’s so much fun to experience a road trip complete with singing, exploring and bonding with family and friends.


  • 6. Spend Personal Time With Your Grandparents

    There's definitely something to that expression, “with age comes wisdom.” Your grandparents have many experiences they can share with you. Learn from them! Ask them what they were like at your age or what accomplishments they’re proud to share. Perhaps you can find out new information about your parents simply by asking your grandparents what they were like when they were your age. Or ask your grandparents when and how they met. Enjoy learning about your family and you may just have new stories to pass along.


  • 7. Conquer a Fear

    Demonstrate your courage and attempt to conquer a fear. Milk a cow, ride a roller coaster, hold a snake at the zoo, give a speech in front of a crowd or stand up to someone. You’ll find yourself feeling more light, free and empowered!


  • 8. Learn to Drive a Stick Shift

    Once you get your driver’s license, ask your parents to help teach you how to drive a stick shift. You will develop a new skill and be able to drive any car. Additionally, if you’re confident in your skills, consider purchasing a car with a manual transmission. It will be less expensive than the same car with an automatic transmission, and you will save money on gas. Not to mention it’s a great way to impress others!


  • 9. Travel Abroad

    Nothing expands your universe than experiencing a different country’s culture. Get fully immersed and eat the local food, see the sights and talk to the people. You may find you appreciate home more than ever or that you want to explore even more!


  • 10. Take a Chance

    You never know what will happen unless you try it. Take a chance and seek out a new adventure. Ask someone to dance. Try your luck at a carnival game. Get up and sing karaoke. Chances are you’ll be happy you gave it a try!


  • 11. Take Responsibility for Yourself

    Demonstrate your maturity and gets things done. Do your homework, do your own laundry, and clean your room. In addition, take responsibility for your actions. If you break something, you should pay to replace it or if you say something that hurts someone, you should apologize. Now's the time to show you can be independent.


  • 12. Stand Up for Yourself and Others

    Be brave and confident! You have values and an opinion that matters. Stand up for your beliefs. Also, if you see someone hurting another person or treating them poorly, stand up and take action to make it stop. Stick with a group of friends and don’t let them control the situation. If needed, seek help from a trusted adult.


  • 13. Have the Courage to be Vulnerable

    Embrace your vulnerability. We all have flaws and we need to be forgiving. Be fearless. Admit your faults. Forgive the insensitive, the hurtful, and the selfish.



Ready? Set! Go! Start checking these off and capture your experiences to share with others. Share how it made you feel and how it changed you. Have fun!

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Posted December 05, 2012
can having sex be a risk?..well in this case.
Posted October 18, 2012
I want to do this
Posted January 22, 2012
Posted July 19, 2012
Awesome I think about!! :)
Posted October 14, 2011
Car trips are so boring. All you do is sit there and complain that your hungry and bored, and later you just sit there. No bonding for me.
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