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Added April 23, 2014

Tips for High School Dances

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You've been dreaming of the upcoming dance since last semester. Now it's approaching. Finally, your chance has come to make a big entrance, dress like a star and dance the night away with all your friends.


Then there's also the coming-of-age thing and the millions of photos taken by your parents. No wonder you feel overwhelmed — you want your night to go off without a hitch. Well, we've compiled some of the best tips for making it a night to remember while letting you reveal the simply gorgeous, supremely confident goddess within!


Check them out!


1. Prepare
School dances don’t happen every weekend. This is a special occasion you should plan for in advance. Find out where the dance is, what time it starts and proper attire for the event so you can plan accordingly. Whether this means chatting with your friends who have been to a school dance before or talking to mom about what you need for the big dance — doing some light research always helps. Once you have all the basic information figured out, check out our School Dance Checklist so you can check off all the must-haves.


2. Find the Outfit
Remaining true to your personality is more important than deciding between ruffles and lace or sequins versus satin. Whether you're athletic or girly, your outfit should reflect that. So check out your closet or hit the mall with your mom and friends to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. When it comes to the total outfit, remember that a very intricate outfit calls for sheer makeup and minimal accessories; a simple black dress gives you more options to play up accessories and makeup. Keep beads, embroidery and sequins understated.


Keep in mind that this night is not a time to be something you're not — it's a time to be the best be-you-tiful you can be!


3. Remember Less is More
Beware of overdoing it. Talk with your parents about how much you can spend on this school dance and put together a budget. Your dress, shoes and accessories can really add up, so maintaining a budget will keep you from impulse buys and stuff you don’t really need. Before buying something new, check out what you already have at home. Consider borrowing accessories from a friend or even your mom! Also think about the memories you will treasure on your night out versus a one-time-wear piece.


4. Get Organized - Make a List and Check it Twice!
A great way to feel confident the night of the dance is to be prepared and get organized. It’s great to cross things off your list and feel accomplished. This will make sure the night of the dance you can focus on all the fun you’re having versus what you forgot to do. Make your appointments in advance (hair, nails, etc.) and allow enough time so you can take some time to relax. Pick a special place to put all your items for the night so you don’t have to run through the house looking for items. You can simply stay focused and be ready in less time allowing more time for fun.


5. Be True to Yourself
Speaking of being confident, one of the best tips we can give you is to be yourself. Whether this is reflected in your look or can be seen through your confidence on the dance floor, have fun and leave your worries at the door. You and your friends get to join together and dance to some great music and just have fun for the night, what could be better?

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Posted September 30, 2011
i cant wait for prom i really want to go with friend
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