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My Friend and I Like The Same Guy

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

What should I do if my friend likes the same boy as I do, but we don't know if that boy likes one of us or he likes another girl?




Dear Corrine,

Guys will come and go from your lives, but your girlfriends will be around for a long time when you treat each other respectfully. Friends do not flirt with or try to steal another girl's boyfriend.


If this guy is not going out with you, and the situation is you both just like him, try not to forget that he has a say in this, too! He may like one or the other of you, or he may not like either of you!


When friends stay honest with one another through a situation like this and put each other's feelings first, there shouldn't be a problem.


Good luck,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted May 13, 2012
me and my bff like the same two dudes but we both agreed that we would never go out with them but i think one of them likes me HELP ME
Posted January 22, 2012
me and my friend both like this guy who may or may not be too old for us,plus we both like a guy who likes another girl
Posted November 18, 2011
my best friend is dating a guy that i like, (she doesnt),but she told me that she said yes so he wouldnt ask me out.everyone knows 4 a fact that he likes me, but he just wont ask me out.
Posted September 30, 2011
well what if ur friend wasnt being nice to u because the guy likes u and noy ur friend?


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