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Added August 01, 2013

Teenage Relationship Advice

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Sixteen-year-old Samantha had had it up to here. She and her boyfriend, Bobby, had been going out for eight months, but nobody was giving her relationship the respect she felt it deserved.


The worst was one day when Samantha's parents told her they were all going on a family vacation for the whole summer. "But I'll miss Bobby," Samantha said. Her father said, "Oh, come on, you'll grow out of that." Her mother said, "Sweetheart, it's puppy love!"


Samantha knew her parents weren't going to change their plans based on her relationship with Bobby, but she was upset by their lack of understanding. They weren't taking her feelings toward Bobby seriously and were acting like it was a "phase" she was going through.


Teenage Relationship AdviceDon't hold back

It can be tough to be a teenager, feel like you've in love with someone, and feel that your parents don't understand how close you guys really are. But if you're in a close relationship with someone, you've probably learned how important communication is. So listen to our teenage relationship advice to get yourself out of difficult situations.


Why not communicate your emotions to your parents and as a result learn some teenage relationship advice? Explain to them that you know the difference between puppy love and a more serious relationship. And that while you're not planning a wedding, this is someone who means a lot to you. They won't know how you feel, either about your boyfriend or about their attitude toward your relationship, until you tell them.

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Death Jester
Death Jester
Posted January 18, 2012
Ally1133. You need to think about the relation ships you had. Think about the up's and the downs in it. Think on why the bad things happened and why the good things happened. Consider what you like in a guy and why you like it. Make a check list on things you like and com-pair it to the guy you like. If he scores really low I guess that could be a wee bit bad but he could still be a really good person who could open doors...How did I get to this topic anyway? But anyway continuing. Think about what could happen if you dated this person. Think about what they act like to others and to them self...YOu can find what your looking for on BeingGirl some where...And if you can't go to the ask the experts area and submit your questions and hope for some thing to happen ^w^ -God bless Deathly Jester
Posted August 28, 2011
Okay so, two years ago i had my first boyfriend. Then came two more that year (not very good but oh well.) I haven't had a boyfriend since. I don't know what happend, do i have an attitude now? Someone please give me advice. haha(:
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