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Confidence & Self Esteem

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Added April 23, 2014

Teenage Girls' Self Esteem – Your Inner Sparkle

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Do you feel like you have good teenage self-esteem? Life is so busy for young girls and women today! You hardly ever have time to take care of yourself with band practice, soccer, voice lessons, school, and work. It's hard enough just picking out the perfect outfit for the day. But there's something awesome inside of youa beautiful young woman yearning to burst out and show the world her strong teenage self-esteem and individuality!


You're so busy running around all of the time, you may not even know what your strengths are and what you dream to be in the future. You need a plan to help improve your teenage self-esteem. Sit down in a quiet place, like the library or your bedroom. Turn off all distractions and really think. What are you good at? What do you like to do? What are some goals you want to accomplish in the future? Write EVERYTHING down.


Long-term goals may seem far away and unattainable when you're stuck in the seventh grade. Start small. How can you start living your dreams now and build your self-esteem?


You want to be a doctor? Look into volunteer work at a local hospital or nursing home. Reading to an elderly person once a week might not seem as glamorous as being a neurosurgeon, but, like a doctor, you'll be making a huge difference in someone's life.


Love fashion? Many libraries and community colleges offer classes; some are even free. You can take a class and learn how to knit or sew. Save up your money and buy a sewing machine and start making cute handbags.


Relax more and you will sparkle more. Life isn't all about the hustle and bustle. Take a couple of hours out of the day and do something you love. Rent a movie, give yourself a facial or a manicure, read a book. Do something that makes you feel at ease. You could even sit in a chair and just THINK. Breathe and think it's good for you and builds your self-esteem!


Mistakes are okay! Rather than brooding and sulking over a mistake, learn from it. What actions did you take to cause the mistake? How did you realize it was a mistake? How did you feel after the mistake happened? Take note of your answers. Think of mistakes as great teachers. Learn from your mistakes and you'll be more knowledgeable and better prepared next time!


Every girl has teenage self-esteem problemsyou just have to find out what your sparkle is and let it shine. Take care of yourself emotionally and physically, and people will notice a huge change in you. You'll be happier, more grounded, and healthier. Life is full of appointments, homework, and work shifts, but NEVER forget about yourself.

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comments so far
Posted October 26, 2013
The thing is I have HORRIBLE self esteem. :(
Posted February 25, 2013
The thing is that I think waaay too much guys, repeating HOW and WHY I do this and that, anything and everything, over and over and over again and again, like cra-Z, ugg! Like "Gee, why the poop would I say THAT?" and stuff, ya know?? I'm the bubbly chatterbox 24/7, but I'm super-duper confused if I even should talk-talk-talk if that even makes any sense, probly not, ha. IS MY PERSONALITY RIGHT FOR ME??? Plz tell muah I'm not the only one out there, ha. Plz help...
Earth-friendly girl♥
Earth-friendly girl♥
Posted August 05, 2012
i just recently finished a book called "The Boy Project" and it really helped myself..and stuff like that.. i recommend this novel to all..BTW: the author is Kami Kinard:)
Posted July 05, 2012
I want to be a doctor and I donate stuff. I even play doctor game like heart surgery
Posted November 11, 2012
im in beta club
Posted July 05, 2012
I have a low self esteem. Maybe I can find my inner sparkle by reading these words. Just maybe. Also I'm looking for someone to talk to. Add me please. I'm very sweet!
Posted April 23, 2012
Everyone is enchanting in one's eyes,true beauty comes from the inside and not the outside. No one is inferior.
Posted June 27, 2012
I have a very low self-esteem. How do I improve it?
Posted April 17, 2012
I totally agree with everyone just be you Be YOURSELF don't try to be like the those perfect celebrities because to tell you the truth god put us o this earth for a reasons so dont be upset enjoy life be adventures creative trust me you'll stand out a lot BE YOU GIRLs (Soccerluver23 outt peace out)
Posted June 18, 2012
this is going to happen to me this year
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