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My Life

Substance Abuse

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Added April 23, 2014

My Best Friend Drinks

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Underage drinking is a growing problem and it can lead to life-changing negative consequences such as crime, fatalities, pregnancy and problems at school. Does a peer you care about — a good friend or boyfriend — have a drinking problem? Has alcohol become a big part of his or her life? Is your friend depending on alcohol to get them through the week? Find out how to know if they have a drinking problem and what to do.


Does Your Friend Have a Drinking Problem?

There are clear signs of an alcohol problem. Here are a few:


Someone with a teenage drinking problem might…

  • be secretive about their drinking (They hide it or drink alone).


  • be in "denial": They refuse to admit they have a problem, even though his or her behavior clearly proves there is an issue.


  • experience blackouts: They sometimes can't remember what happened while they were drinking. This adds to the denial because if you call them out on their behavior, they think you’re crazy.


  • have "personality changes": A lot of people get silly or "tipsy" when they drink. An alcoholic becomes a "different person." He or she might get angry, violent or do things that you know aren't "her."


  • not be able to stop: A social drinker might stop when they think they've had enough. An alcoholic usually doesn't know she's had enough, and wouldn't be able to stop even if she did.



How to Help

Maybe you've felt like you can help your friend. You believe that if you just said or did the right thing, he or she would stop. Unfortunately those with substance abuse problems don't get better until he or she decides help is needed. Until then, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Be responsible, and if you are under 21, you shouldn’t be drinking at all. The legal age to drink is 21. It’s the law. Encourage your friends to do activities where alcohol isn’t likely to be present. If you get caught where there is underage drinking, there will be legal consequences that will affect your future.


  2. Tell your friend you're worried about his/her drinking and then gently suggest they try to get help (through a therapist, rehab or through Alcoholics Anonymous).


  3. Confide in an adult or someone else whom you trust. That person may be able to help you sort through the issue and maybe get your friend to get some help.


  4. Know that you're not the cause of anyone's drinking behavior.


  5. Understand that you can't change or control anyone but yourself.


  6. Detach yourself emotionally from your friend's problems while continuing to care about her. Don't make her problems your problems and don't try to cover up for her. Surround yourself with people who do positive things and don’t put you at risk.


  7. Believe that you deserve to develop your own potential — no matter what happens with your friend.



Take Care of You

Being the friend of an alcoholic is draining. It's hard watching someone you love hurt herself that way. However, remember that it’s important to take care of you. There are nice people who can help you deal with it all. It’s best if you reach out for help and be hopeful that things can change.


If you find yourself feeling depressed or overwhelmed, talk to a school counselor or join a support group like Alateen. This is a program for teenagers whose lives are affected by someone else's drinking — friends or family. Alateen has meetings in every city that are free and confidential. You can call Alateen for free at (800) 356-9996.

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comments so far
Posted December 09, 2012
i hate the the smell of achohol
Posted December 02, 2012
I know someone who is a freshman in highschool and a couple of days ago he took a sip of achol and didnt stop and ovisly got runk and lost his front adult tooth and almost died...
Posted May 30, 2012
Posted September 05, 2012
That is horrible.
Posted November 11, 2012
omg this helped so much!
Posted June 21, 2012
Posted August 28, 2011
yea. good stuff.
Posted August 05, 2011
I have lots of friends who drink, and I've drank. Sadly it's a part of the everyday life up here. We are all mature, sometimes to mature. I've never been wasted or completely drunk. But listen to me, don't do drink. You'll regret it, and not to mention the consequences!
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