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Added May 26, 2014

Teenage Dating Advice

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When it comes to boys and dating, there is no such thing as a foolish question. How are you supposed to know the answers to questions you've never needed to ask before? Teenage dating tips are important for teenagers who are starting to date. Here are a few of the questions we've been asked most often!
Teenage Dating Tips:  Most Asked Questions


Teenage Dating Tips: How do I know if I'm ready to date?
Everyone develops at different rates, and if you are still uncomfortable with the idea of dating, that's OK. Hanging with friends who don't have boyfriends will stop you from feeling left out. Girls who start too young might find they go too far too soon because they don't know how to put the brakes on. It is far better to wait until you have the confidence to do and say only what you want to.
Teenage Dating Tips: What does being attracted to someone really mean?
Although we think of attraction mainly in terms of looks or personality, it also includes how a person smells (pheromones are our own personal scent), how they treat you, and how you interpret their body language. Although sexual chemistry is not an exact science, studies show that pleasant, warm people are seen as more attractive than cold, distant ones. It's no secret looks are important for first impressions, but usually we end up with people who are on the same level of physical attractiveness as we are.
Teenage Dating Tips: What should I expect from a first date?
Relax. This is not a final examination on which your entire grade is based. A first date is simply an occasion to be with someone else for a certain period of time and for a certain amount of pleasant, personal interaction. It is no different from deciding to meet a friend at a designated place and time. It is the beginning of a new relationship. You are simply making a statement to a guy that you would like to get to know him better.
Teenage Dating Tips: Why are some girls boy crazy? 
One reason some girls are boy crazy is because they need a lot of attention and aren't getting it at home, especially from their fathers. Others need boys to provide some of the qualities they think they can't get by themselves like power (he will protect her), or status (people will admire her more) or independence (an excuse to get out of her home for a while.) Girls who are boy crazy often haven't developed their own identity, giving up on their development for the pursuit of boys. Sadly, they just don't think they are as important as having a boyfriend is.
Teenage Dating Tips: If I like a guy who doesn't do as well in school as I do, shouldn't I hide my brains and talent, just a little?
No! Watch yourself and pay attention to your own unequal thinking. You have the right to be seen as the strong, smart, independent young woman you are. If a guy doesn't like it, too bad for him. But don't sell him short. He might just be as attracted to your intelligence as you are to his strengths.


Good luck as you start dating and be sure to use these teenage dating tips!

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Posted August 25, 2014
Don't date behind you're parents backs. They will find out. As much as you think you can hide you're relationship. parents tend to find out. Wait until you're ready or the age you're parents say it's okay. Us teenagers, we have a long period of time to date, we just have to be patient. If you're having trouble being patient, don't hold it in, calmly talk to which ever parent you feel more comfortable with talking too about this stuff.
Posted August 04, 2014
Ok my boyfriend just got done telling me how my bestfriend came over his house for a ride how she went layed on his bed with her legs open how she tried to get him to lay on his bed with her she came to his house even though he said no for the ride she told him not to tell me. My boyfriend clad that he didn't do nothing with her but he was telling me the story first he said chair then he said bed if a girl shows off don't u think any guy would have sex with her? I don't know wat to believe this Happend 3 months ago I found out he said he didn't want to tell me bcuz he thought I wouldn't believe h but now my bestfriend we'll x bestfriend is telling me another story what should I believe??? Help please ? :/
Posted August 02, 2014
ok, so my brother brought a friend over and he is really cute and nice and funny. he has a instagram but its private and I don't want him to know I like him. and I think he likes me what should I do?????
Posted July 29, 2014
CrystalRookieLover, the boy you like sounds like he's just embarrassed. You're probably right about him wanting to make a move. He starts to make a move, then rethinks it in fear you'll reject him. The whole reason for the cycle thing is because he wants you to forget your conversation, so he waits 2 or 3 days before he talks to you again. It's perfectly fine. I would suggest that you make a move. Be a strong woman and ask HIM. He will probably admire your strong attitude. Hope I helped:)
Posted July 24, 2014
Hi! Would you please do me a big favor and follow me on Twitter! :) My Twitter name is @GracefullyChic I post beauty tips and facts, give fashion advice and basically give any advice in general! It would mean so much to me, thanks! :)
Posted July 24, 2014
I like this guy at school and every time that we get close and I think he is going to make a move he stops talking to me for a day or two and then talks to me and the entire cycle starts all over again. What should I do?
Toot toot
Toot toot
Posted June 30, 2014
So I'm at camp and my old boyfriend is here and yesterday he said do you want to go out with me and I said yes so what do I say or do please help me
Posted June 30, 2014
@GooseROCKS, I think you should just tell him how you feel but he might not feel the same way.
Vegetarians rock
Vegetarians rock
Posted June 07, 2014
@angelbaby306 you should wait until your parents are in a happy mood and before you go full on and tell your dad you should ask your mom first after all she is a girl to.
Posted May 08, 2014
@vegetariansrock, I would wait it out and if he doesn't ask you out or do anything about liking you then dont take the energy to deal with him. If you are going to have a relationship, he should like you enough to ask you out.
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