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Added May 30, 2014

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You

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Do you have a secret crush? Is it a guy you just met, or maybe one of your long-time friends?


It’s fun to have teenage crushes, but the hardest part is trying to figure out whether or not your crush is interested in you, too. Here are three ways to find out if your guy crush is sending back the “I like you” vibes.


1. Pay Attention to His Body Language
When you are around your guy crush, does he shuffle his feet or avoid eye contact for a long period of time? This might be a sign he is nervous around you — which is either because he has a hard time talking to girls or he likes you! If he does likes you, he might show some other body language signs like standing close to you, giving you side hugs and being playful with you.


On the other hand, if his body language appears closed off, like he is folding his arms and turned slightly away from you when you talk, this might be a sign that he needs some time to warm up to you.


2. Listen to What He Talks About
When talking to your guy crush, keep a mental note about what you two talk about. If he shows genuine interest in you by asking you questions to get to know you better — like asking about your family or what you do in your free time — this is a pretty good sign that he might have feelings for you.


And of course, if he compliments you, that’s a big plus. Another sign: He stumbles on his words. That’s a clue that he might be nervous around you — in a good way!


3. See What He is Up to When You are Around
If your crush also has a crush on you, there a few signs that might give him away just by what he does when you are in the same room with him. He might try to show off on the basketball court to get your attention. You also just might catch him looking at you from afar in the halls or during lunch.


Is your crush jumping at the chance to be your partner in science class? Or is he walking with you in-between classes or finding silly excuses to talk to you? These are all good indicators that he likes you — especially if he texts you for no reason!


Also pay attention to how he acts when his friends are around. Sometimes, guy friends will tease one another when one of their friend’s crushes is nearby. His friends might even approach you to see how you feel about him.


Once you decide whether your crush likes you too, read this article to find out how to talk to him. If you don’t think your crush is interested in being more than friends, don’t be sad! There are plenty of other guys out there. It might just take some time to find the right one for you.


Is there a special guy you are crushing on? Be sure to register for BeingGirl and share your story in the comments below.

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comments so far
Posted August 25, 2014
Well if im near my crush my head gets really light and butterflyish but he shows NO intrest around any girl. What should I do?
Posted July 24, 2014
Or they could show all the signs and still not like you. Like it happened to me.
Posted April 06, 2014
musiclover2002: If you REALLY like him and you are allowed to date, I would ask him out! He's obviously flirting with you plus you know he likes you anyways so it should be MUCH easier to ask him out! Hope this helps anyone else who has the same problem!
Posted June 07, 2014
there is a guy that i like and i didnt think he liked me until i saw him staring at me but im not sure.
Posted September 14, 2013
what do i do
Posted April 09, 2014
I like this guy at my school he is in my grade but in different classes every time I'm near him I get all akward one time I snorted and step on his shoe then fell into him akward :( :)
Posted October 29, 2012
i have a crush on my bestguy friend, i want to tell him but he might not feel the same way so why risk our friendship he makes me really happy! what do i do?
Posted September 10, 2013
now i have to sit beside one of them in class and he also knows i like him.and he stares at me,wont stop talking 2 me and he leans agenst my shoulder.
Posted September 03, 2013
there is two boys that i have a crush on.They are best buds and i have known one for four years and one for one year.i am friends with both of time my little sis was talking with them and they both have a crush on me! :)
Posted November 04, 2012
The guy I used to like is 15 (like me), and so 'popular with the ladies' as my grandma would say! All the girls just clump about him and give me not a chance to talk (im shy and not so popular) Even though I was kind of mad at him for it (we were sort of friends since we talked) I realized it wasn't his fault. After all, if I were a good-looking, conversational guy, I wouldn't mind some female attention! Now I like some other guy, years older than me, but he's not such a flirt and jokes around sometimes with me.
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