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My Period

Period Protection

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Added August 01, 2013

Tampons For Girls: The Facts

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Puberty and Periods


MISS MYTH: I can't get pregnant during my period.
FEM FACT: Pregnancy can happen anytime, including during menstruation.


MISS MYTH: There's asbestos in tampons.
FEM FACT: Tampons are made from cotton and/or rayonthere's never been any asbestos in tampons.


MISS MYTH: A tampon can get lost or disintegrate in my body.
FEM FACT: There is no place for your tampon to go to get lost. Your cervix is too small to allow a tampon into the rest of your body, and a tampon is designed to absorb menstrual fluid while staying intact until you remove it. And it will not disintegrate.

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Posted March 29, 2014
Tampons are awesome and I'd rather use them than pads, but I don't like the feeling when you take them out. Is that just me??
Posted April 01, 2013
A tampon is so easy to put in to me and it doesn't hurt. Everybody should try it just once.
Posted July 21, 2012
@SportyChic Maybe you need to try a different angle, or maybe you need to relax. I can't exactly help with this one, I don't use tampons. sorry. Hope it ends out well for you. :)
Posted February 17, 2013
i have used tampons twice before it hurt a little at first because my body wasnt used to it but u have to relax and find the right angle for ur particular body. taking it out u have to pull slow at first then when its almost out just give it a tug.
Posted November 04, 2012
one of my friends said that when oyu put a tampon in it burns really bad is this true??
Posted October 18, 2012
Tampons are so awesome, it was (suprizingly) a breeze for me the first time i used one!!
Posted July 19, 2012
i followed instruction on BG on how to put in a tampon. but i just cant get it in. i know where the hole is, ut it just wont go in. and uncomfortable. if anybody has advice or knows whats wrong, please tell me. THanks
Posted July 14, 2012
Okay. Question. I was wearing a tampon for the first time. First try, got it in under 30 seconds. Piece of cake. Then it had been about 8 hours, which means time to take it out. I know to pull the string at the same direction as you put it in & all that. I look and see that the tip of it is still white and I began to try to pull it out. It hurt so bad I almost cried. I was relaxed and it seemed like, once I got through 1/4th of pulling it out after SO much pain, I swear it almost felt like a pop and I pulled the rest out so easily. Now, what do I do if it happens again? Or is there anything I can do to make it easier? Besides saying get a smaller absorbancy? Help?
Posted July 08, 2012
you might not be putting it in at the right angle, or your hymen might not be broken. my first time hurt a little bit, it took me a few tries but i finally got it. try to focus your mind on something else other than it hurting and relax. its much harder to put it in when youre tensed up. youll get it! :)
Posted June 27, 2012
I have tried putting in a tampon but it hurts a lot and I can only get it like halfway... I'm using Tampax Pearl regular and this is my first time. Any suggestions?!
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See what other girls are asking about periods.
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