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Tampons And TSS

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

I want to use tampons, but hear a lot about TSS. Should I be afraid? Should I use them? Please help.




Dear Dana,

Whether or not you use tampons is a personal decision based on your lifestyle. Following the directions on the package insert is important when use tampons. TSS is a rare but serious disease. There are ways to reduce your risk of TSS associated to tampon use. Using the lowest absorbency tampon needed for your flow is important. This often means you use multiple absorbencies of tampons during your period. A higher absorbency will be needed on heavier flow days, and a less-absorbent tampon on light days. Wearing a pad at night is one way to alternate pad and tampon use. This is recommended as a way to decrease the risk of TSS associated to tampon use. You will find helpful information on


Hope this is helpful,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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