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Added August 01, 2013

Tampon: Ten Things You May Not Know

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Did you hear the joke about the three boys who found money in the street? They were deciding what to buy with it when one boy suggested they buy a box of tampons. His friends admitted they didn't know what a tampon was. He said, "I don't know either, but the ads say you can go swimming with them, play tennis with them, go horseback riding with them and they help you feel great all day long!"


Well, that joke aside, here are 10 facts about tampon use that you may not know:

  • A tampon is easy to insert
    It may take a few tries, but once you have the right opening (the one in the middle) and the right angle, a tampon glides in easily and painlessly. Each box comes with directions, including pictures. For your first few tries, it helps to have a hand mirror in hand so you can see what's going on down there.
  • A tampon is easy to remove
    Each tampon comes with a string that's attached to the tampon. When you're ready to change your tampon, just tug on the string and it will come right out. Because the string of a Tampax tampon is sewn all the way through the tampon, it stays attached and pulls the whole tampon out every time. If you're having trouble removing a tampon, try to relax your muscles. If it still won't come out, leave it in a bit longer and give it time to absorb more menstrual fluid and become easier to remove.
  • A tampon keeps up with your active life
    A tampon is the protection of choice when you're exercising, and not just because they keep your period a secret. You can feel confident that a tampon will stay in place while you're on the go. Unlike with a pad, you can even wear it while you swim, and when you're through exercising, you don't have to take it out to shower.
  • A tampon protects against leaks
    A tampon is designed to keep you protected for up to 8 hours (tampons should not be worn for more than 8 hours). You will learn after tampon use for one or two periods how often you need to change your tampon. Here's a guideline: Change your tampon every 48 hours, as needed. If it gets saturated in less than 4 hours, try a heavier absorbency tampon. If after 8 hours your tampon still isn't saturated and isn't easy to remove, try a lighter absorbency next time. If you're wearing the right size tampon for your flow, and pay attention to your body and its needs, you can have great protection every time.
  • You can keep your tampon in when you go to the bathroom
    There are three openings "down there"one for pee, one for poop, and one for menstrual blood. The tampon goes through the one in the center, letting you use the bathroom freely without having to change your tampon every time. Just move the string to the side to keep it clean, and you're good to go.
  • A tampon won't cramp your style
    You don't have to change your look just because you have your period. With tampons, you have nothing to hide. You can wear a tampon with a tight uniform like a ballet leotard, a short skirt, or even a thong without being detected.
  • A tampon can help you ease your cramps
    Because light exercise is one of the best ways to ease cramps and take away that heavy, bloated feeling, tampon use is a comfortable and reliable form of protection whether you're cycling, swimming, stretching, or doing yoga.
  • A tampon helps you feel clean and fresh
    Because menstrual blood is absorbed before it hits the air and causes an odor, there's no unpleasant smell. For an extra fresh feeling, try scented tampons.
  • A tampon protects you for up to 8 hours
    With the right protection for your flow, you can keep a tampon in for up to 8 hours. That's as long as a day at school or a day at the beach. (Tampons should not be worn for longer than 8 hours.)
  • A tampon frees you up to forget about your period
    When you're not worried about something showing through your pants or slipping out of place, and you don't feel something between your legs as a constant reminder you have your period, you're free to forget about your Monthly Visitor and get on with your life.

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comments so far
Posted July 25, 2013
@violinistandfiddles The next time you go shopping ask her if you can get some pads and while your there just ask "Can I get some tampons too?" and that should spark it!
Posted July 15, 2013
When I first started my period, I didn't even use pads. I don't use them now either. I sleep in tampons, but set an alarm so I'm not wearing them for more than 8 hours. I advise them to every girl.
Posted July 03, 2013
I have had my period for four months and I am alread sick of pads! Any advice for talking my mom into tampons? I tried putting one in with out an applicator and I almost had it but I would like the applicator type.I don't know how to ask!!!!
Posted July 04, 2013
hey girls! JUST RELAX! tampons are so much easier than pads! and its just a myth that tampons are for nonvirgins. SO NOT TRUE! they are practicly unrelated! just stay calm and the whole period thing will be a breeze!
Posted March 18, 2013
Nicole1298: I'm still a virgin and I use tampons. Tampons and virginity are totally unrelated! I hope I'm not sounding rude I just wanted to let you know that virgins can use tampons too
Posted July 03, 2013
um @nicole1298 ; that doesnt have anything to do with tampons. you use tampons for like swimming and stuff c;
Posted October 09, 2012
One time my tampon leaked really bad (thank gods I was at home) so I usually wear a tampon and a pad at the same time in case it happens again. It hasn't and I'm not sure that it will, but better safe than sorry, right? Also, if you can, wear a thick jacket or hoodie every day and then when you're on your period, you can hide tampons and pads easily in a pocket or bra. I usually wear a lot of clothing so it's pretty easy for me to hide mine! Periods stink, but you'll pull through! ;D
Posted February 17, 2013
When i get my first period i will use tampons, my mom would want me to also because she thinks pads are gross, thats what i think they would be too.
Posted November 25, 2012
When i first started my period i was at school. it was like 4th period i think and i didnt tell anyone i probably should have but i didnt. my bestfriend was away so i just went home after school and my mom was on her way home from school, i texted your saying i started, bla bla bla, she bought me pads and tampons. tampons arent that bad! there easy to use!
Posted February 17, 2013
I heard from my mom a while ago about tampons. I asked her if i could use tampons and she looked at me all funny. I said what and she sighed and asked why. I said because pads can become a bloody mess especially when my period is heavy. And that's when she frowned. I looked at her and asked what again and she said "only nonvirgins use tampons. I thought you were still a virgin." my mouth went wide open. I rolled my eyes and said "i am!!" and she said "well, yeah. Girls who are still virgin dont use tampons. That's why a tampon can only go INSIDE the vagina. DUH" After that conversation, i never wanted tampons again. I just have to wait until i lose my virginity, i guess.
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