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Can I Get A Tampon Lost Inside?

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Dear BeingGirl Experts:

I might have mistakenly inserted a second tampon without removing the old one. Five hours later, I tried to look for it, but couldn't find anything. Is it possible that the tampon could have gotten lost in my body after being pushed up by the second one?




Dear Deni,

You can be assured that there isn't any place in your vagina that the tampon can be that will allow it to travel to other parts of your body. The vagina has two openings. One is at the base of your body (that's where you insert the tampon) and the other (which is the size of a pencil point) is located at the cervix of your uterus; otherwise, it is a closed space.


The tampon has probably been pushed up into the highest part of the vagina, and you may not be able to access it easily with your fingers. Hopefully, you've removed it by now. But if not, squat down and insert your thumb and forefinger into your vagina and try to reach the top sides of your vagina, first one side, then the other, in search of the missing tampon. If you cannot find it, and you are sure you inserted two tampons, you need to visit your gynecologist/healthcare provider and have the tampon removed. The tampon needs to removed and not left in longer. Tampons are designed to be worn for no longer than eight hours.


Hope this is helpful,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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comments so far
Posted July 29, 2012
My goodness! That is scary!
Posted January 25, 2012
I would be having a heart attack! i get worried about things all the time!!!! I hope you got it removed by now!:)
Posted August 05, 2011
i wouldnt be very comfortable having somebody look up there and stick there hand up there 0.o yeah that would be akward!


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