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Is Tampon Insertion Uncomfortable?

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

This coming week will be my second period possibly, and I'm going to camp and I'm going swimming! I'm hoping that maybe it won't come for a while, but I'm still nervous because that might not happen. All my friends have said that tampons are really painful and uncomfortable, so what should I do? Please help me. Thanks.




Dear Lindsey,

Tell your friends to check out and learn the right way to use tampons! Correctly-inserted tampons are barely felt! However, first insertions can be uncomfortable until you learn the technique.


At places like camp, counselors and other campers usually encourage tampon use and do help anyone who needs to learn. I suggest that you take pads and tampons with you...and since this will only be your second period, you may not even get it! Before you leave for camp, you should check this [link to OBJ003] out for the insertion details.


Good luck,

BeingGirl Experts, for, brought to you by Tampax Tampons, and Always Pads & Pantiliners

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Posted July 11, 2012
For me, tampon insertion fornthe first time was a little painful, but I used Tampax Pearl Light and now it doesn't hurt anymore!


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