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Tampon And Swimming

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Dear Iris,

I'm 14 years old and can't use tampons. This wouldn't be so bad, but next year I have to take swimming for school. I've tried to use a tampon but I can't. What can I use instead and still be able to swim? Thanks.




Dear Marissa,

You cannot swim when you are menstruating unless you use a tampon. Otherwise you risk menstrual fluid in the pool. You need to reconsider tampons if you plan to swim while on your period. is a page that will help you with insertion. After reviewing this if you are doing it all right and cannot insert a tampon, it may be that your hymen, the thin membrane that partially covers and protects the opening to your vagina may be too small or too tight to allow the tampon in. If this is the problem you may have to stretch this opening. You can try with a little bit of K-Y Jelly on the tip of the applicator...the more you practice the more you will stretch the hymen. If you cannot stretch it yourself, you may want to ask mom to make an appointment with your doctor/healthcare professional for help.


Hope this is helpful,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted January 08, 2013
it stops? thats wierd...
Posted April 07, 2012
Hey Iris, I just went swimming for the first time on my period and just wore a panty liner only because i have a light flow. If you have a hevier flow you should definetly wear a tampon! I hope this helps you!!!! ;)
Posted January 05, 2012
-gollymissmolly1- r u for real? That Ur period stops in water? Sounds weird! Lol!(:
Posted July 22, 2011
I cant use tampons bc i get panic attacks litrally they freak me out so much but wut ive learned is tht first of all, ur period stops in water. So if u hav a light period, u dont even need a tampon in the water, bc once u get outta the water it duznt start again for At least 20 mi utes. If u hav heavy periods like me, i wear a panty liner in the water. Then, to keep it from slippin out, i also wear boyshorts over my suit, whether its a one piece or not. If it duz happen to slip outta place, just go under water and re-position it. No biggie. Just make sure to change the pantyliner before and after u go in the water, asap. Nothin bad will happen with pantyliners in the water. Ya, they xpand, but bc they r so thin, noone will notice a thing and it wont sag down. Hope this helps ;)


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