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My Period

Talking to Mom & Dad

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Added August 01, 2013

Puberty Talks

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Your period is lasting forever! Seriously, youve had to wear protection every day for a month and youre a little freaked out about it. Or maybe you feel like you have to pee 24/7 even when you just went 5 minutes ago. If either of these things happened to you, or youve had other problems with your menstrual cycle, its time for puberty talks with your mom.


Talking to your mom about periods and other personal female problems can feel a little embarrassing, especially if you arent used to talking about such things. But your mom is a good place to start for a lot of reasons. Here are some ways to "break the ice" when talking to mom about periods and personal issues including puberty talks: 


  • Keep it casual. Maybe the idea of a big sit-down with your mom seems intimidating. So, try opening the conversation casually by saying something like, "Hey mom, has your period ever lasted a really long time?" This opens the door to discussion. 
  • Write it down. If its hard for you to start a face-to-face discussion, leave your mom a note where only shed find it. You could say something like, "Mom, Im having a lot of pain with my periods lately. Can we talk about this tonight?"  That way, shell initiate a conversation with you and you wont have to worry about bringing it up.
  • Be direct. You could take a straight-up approach and just tell her your feelings. Start by saying something like, "This is uncomfortable for me, but I need to talk to you about my period." That way, you and your mom can get to the root of your problem right away.


Whether or not anything is wrong, keep your mom up on your concerns and problems with your body. Even when things are normal, she might be able to give you tips on how to deal with cramps or other helpful advice. Chances are she had similar questions when she was young and will be glad you asked her. But remember, if you dont feel comfortable talking to your mom, be sure to ask another female relative or trusted adult for help if you think you have a problem.

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comments so far
Posted July 29, 2014
Hi I started distarge in the middle of 5th grade and I still have not told my mom and this is what I am going to do and I will go to the store with her and teller her I need it
Posted April 19, 2014
Lotus girl I'm soo with u I had discharge in 4th grade every day after I went pee I thought it was a Blatter infection I also thought I was broken now it's been 2 years or more and still no period!!
Posted August 20, 2013
can anyone help me know when i will start ihave hair in places and brests and discharge i need help im scared i will start ant school im going in to 6th grade can some one help me im the oldest n my grade plaese some one help
Posted August 02, 2013
Actually I feel really comfortable talking to my mom about menstruation and puberty, mostly because she's been through it all and helps me think of my period as not such of a negative in my life,when I do eventually have it. Dads seen are not the guy to go to.
Purple heart
Purple heart
Posted October 18, 2013
@jazmine start up the conversation casual. In the store say "hey mom how did you talk to your mom about feminine stuff?" She can talk about her experience and then you can ask her for liners. She will be glad to know your growing up, she might even buy you some pads and tampons for just in case reasons too! Hope this helped!
Posted January 16, 2014
When I first started having discharge it was really weird, then of started getting pretty bad so I looks it up and found this website I feel so well informe! I finally found out what the discharge was cuz I thought I had Blatter problems but when I found out the real reason I just texted my mom and everything worked out!
Posted July 28, 2013
tbuggy they r not real trust me
Posted July 18, 2013
Can someone please help me ask my mom for liners?? I really need them. My discharge makes a huge mess in my panties! Thanks!
Posted July 03, 2013
I am new here and need to know how to ask my mom to get pantie liners Thanks jillyjilly224
Posted July 20, 2013
@Jazmine1830 If your not brave enough to ask her face to face, either leave a note or text her. She'll completely understand and will help you through everything:)
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