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My Period

Talking to Mom & Dad

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Added August 01, 2013

Talking to Dad about Period Problems

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So your period is really heavy. Sometimes, it lasts for four weeks in a row. You feel all out of whack when that happens and it makes you a little nervous. The worst part is your dad has to sign a note so you can go to the doctor during school hours. That means hell want to know whats wrong with you. Itll be way embarrassing if you have to say its about your period.


If youve ever gone through a situation like this, you know how difficult it can be talking to your dad about period problems. Eventually, he might have to know whats wrong especially if hes the main adult figure in your life.


Even if theres nothing wrong at all, you may have questions about your period. Although your dad might be the last person you want to ask about bloating, cramps and heavy bleeding, you should talk to someone about it. Maybe youre considering talking to your dad about your period, but dont know where to start. Here are a few simple suggestions that may help.


  • Talk to someone he trusts. Its understandable if youd rather talk to a woman, but maybe you can ask your dad whom he thinks you should talk to. That way, youre keeping him in the loop, even if you dont ask him your questions directly. 

  • Ask him to make you a doctor's appointment. Your dad should be involved in your health care decisions. If youre having a personal problem like irregular periods or menstrual cramps, you should probably tell your dad you want to see a doctor. If your dad asks why, just tell him youre having some minor personal problems. If you want to say more, go ahead. If you want to keep it at that, hell probably understand. At least this way hell know something is going on with you and hell be there to help if you need him. 

  • Keep it casual. If you do decide to talk to your dad about your female problems, you can keep it simple and brief. He might just refer you to a woman he trusts. Or you never know, he could have some helpful advice about your problem.


The thing is, dont be ashamed when talking with your dad about anything thats a natural, normal part of being female. If there are any questions you feel uncomfortable asking your dad, be sure to talk to an adult you trust. Youll feel better when you have answers to your questions.

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comments so far
Posted June 16, 2014
the worst having to talk to your dad about it omg all i can say is i dont i keep it an secart and just find my own money for some pads but my cramps hurt as i write this
Posted March 29, 2014
I'm kinda iffy but my dad asked me the other day if I had it I said no. He said"Hm that's weird you are late" (Said it not in a bad way). Since im'm 14. So I guess hes not afraid to ask me. XD
Posted February 16, 2014
To theturtleperson! Perhaps have your Mom, your Sister, your Aunt or maybe your Grandma tell him. Maybe send him a text message or an email message. If you feel comfortable doing so, maybe have a father-daughter talk or do something together. Let him know that his little girl is now a young woman. He will be very happy to hear that you are now a young woman. If you have any more questions, just ask.
Posted February 16, 2014
I am so embarrassed to talk to my dad. Someone HELP ME OUT HERE!
mackenzie ray
mackenzie ray
Posted February 03, 2014
my mom and dad are divorced and i've had my period like atleast 5 to 9 times and i still haven't told him but this weekend im gonna tell my grandmother so i don't have to keep hiding my period
Posted January 03, 2014
My mom and dad are divorced and I don't now how to talk to him or tell him I need pantiliners because of dicarge like this is the worst!!!!
Posted December 13, 2013
We have to this year talk about it in the same classroom! Last year we were in separate classrooms and our nurse gave us a book from Beinggirl....
Posted July 25, 2013
it is akward cause boys learn bout it in school wat GIRLS go through not fair
Posted October 13, 2013
HELP!!! I have been having heavy (1-10 i'd give it a 9 1/2) discharge and I havent had it yet help me PLZZZZZZZZZZ
Posted October 18, 2013
I agree with sk8forevagal
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