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My Period

PMS & Cramps

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Added August 01, 2013

Symptoms of PMS

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PMS has become the brunt of a lot of bad jokesguys even joke that they have PMS! It's not so unusual for people to blame PMS for other problems or illness. So it's important that you know if what you're going through really is PMS.


How to figure out if you have PMS

Keep a journal or a calendar. Write down which symptoms of PMS you get and when. Rate each symptom by how bad it ismild, moderate, or terrible and nasty! Then write down when you get your period. If you get the symptoms ten to three days before your period, and only during that time, and if they go away when your period starts, chances are that it really is PMS.


If you have the symptoms of PMS at all times of the month, you might just be having a challenging case of puberty. The good news is: Puberty ends! If you are past puberty and have PMS symptoms that hang on long after your period starts, you may have other conditions that need to be treated. For example, dizziness that lasts throughout the month is something that you should see a doctor about. If you feel sad or lose interest in fun activities for a long period of time, there may be something else going on besides PMS.


Use your common sense. Don't ignore any symptom or pain that goes on too long.



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comments so far
Awkward Tween
Awkward Tween
Posted July 23, 2013
I've had all of these symptoms OMG
Posted July 24, 2012
purple kiwi, marshmellow, true dat!!
Purple Kiwi11
Purple Kiwi11
Posted July 05, 2012
Boys think they know pain. But we are the ones that have PMS,cramps,and periods. We also have the babies and all that hair to brush!
Posted July 02, 2012
Ill answer any questions :)
Posted July 06, 2012
Purple kiwi; Ikr!
Posted July 24, 2012
If anybody has any questions feel free to ask me anything at all!!:)
Posted October 10, 2011
the day i got my first peroid i got in a fight with one of my friends she yelled at me when i told her i was on my period and said that its not an excuse (like she would know)
Posted November 11, 2011
i hate pms it makes me feel like i am going to pass out
Posted August 12, 2011
i hate being sensitive and moody i like get mad over tiny things and sometimes cry or snap at my friends i hate that and i no its pms cuz i dint do dat til not to long ago
Posted February 04, 2012
dont go telling me what hurts cuz i dont even think you know. I had to move and leave my friends behind and break up with my bf, then my cats ran awys we got two new ones mine died, my parents got divoriced, I get bullied by everyone, my dog might die cuz he has heart worms, I always feel like crap when I'm alone, and I doubt I'll ever find a guy who likes me. SO dont go saying it hurts well does your heart hurt as much as mine? I'm losing hope
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