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Swimming With Your Period: How To Do It

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

Can you go swimming without wearing a tampon?? Because I've tried to wear a tampon, and they don't go up all the way. Please help because I need to take swim next year!





Dear Carly,

You do need to use a tampon in order to go swimming. Be sure to try insertion only when you are actually menstruating. This can make insertion easier. Check out the page to find help with insertion. If you are doing it all right and still cannot insert a tampon, it may be that your hymen, the thin membrane that partially covers and protects the opening to your vagina, may be too small or too tight to allow the tampon in.


Your flow may stop in the water temporarily due to pressure. But definitely don't count on this to go swimming without wearing a tampon because pressure may change if you laugh, cough, sneeze or move around at all, allowing your menstrual flow to come out into the water. It is not sanitary for you to swim with others when you have your period if you don't have a tampon in.


Hope this helps,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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comments so far
Posted May 08, 2014
what if your parents wont let you use tampons yet?
Posted February 07, 2014
@Exotic gecko: If HAVE to swim, tell your mother you need them. If she says no, try to obey her. But like I said, you need to wear a tampon if you are swimming when you have your period.
Posted July 30, 2013
@ExoticGecko: You are WAY to YOUNG! I recommend waiting until you are at least 13 or older, and if your mom says no to something like that, then she must be right! Remember she was a kid too! So she knows the do's and don'ts about having a period as young as you are. You should go swimming on the days you don't have your period instead of using a tampon. If you really want to to use them, what ever you do, DON'T buy them on your own! Trust me, she'll find out, and you will hurt her feelings or even loose her trust! So just ask your mom what age you think would be a good time. If she said no, high changes are that she means it. Even I think that 11.5 is WAY TOO YOUNG!!!
Posted September 03, 2013
what about if you dont whant to wear a tampon and whant to swim?
Posted August 20, 2013
I'm going on vacation in about 10-11 days and i just figured out im gonna have my period on the way to myrtle beach! obviously im gonna go swimming and go to the beach... but im scared to go swimming with my period. can i go with a pad? if so, please tell me how!!!
Posted September 14, 2013
i ditto sweetcandy13
Posted July 03, 2013
If u are uncomfortable asking ur parents about tampons just plan a doctors appointment in the summer and tell ur doctor about how much u like swimming and then explan to her that u don't know want to do this summer when u have ur period then they MIGHT give u a box with 3 tampons in it I know thats what my doctor did Hope this helps
Posted April 10, 2013
what if you still don't feel comfortable using a tampon
Posted April 10, 2013
Hi, I recently got my period and it is usually in all the books, about puberty over and over. Here's a list of probably all the things you will have before you get it Vaginal discharge Under arm hair Pubic hair Growth spurt 2 years of breast development Hope this helped
Posted July 20, 2013
I asked my mom if I could where a tampon cuz we were going swimming and she said no wait until you r old enough. I do have my period and I think I am old enough, I'm a little over 11.5! How do I let her truly know I need them!! It's so uncomfortable to talk about it, WHAT DO I DO!!! -Exotic


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