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My Period

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Added August 01, 2013

Swimming With Your Period

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Sports on Hold? The Facts on Activities During Your Period

Does having your period keep you from doing things you like?
It sure doesn't have to! There's no reason why having your period should keep you from doing what you enjoyexercise, sports, working, or playing. With proper use of Tampax tampons or Always pads and pantiliners, you can wear your favorite clothes without worrying that anything can be "seen," and you can pretty much bet your good clothes won't get stained.

Can you play sports when you have your period?
Having a period is a normal, healthy part of being a woman. Whether you wear a pad or a tampon, you can still play any sport and exercise.

Can you swim during menstruation?
Yes. The use of tampons has made it possible for swimming with your period since the flow is absorbed internally. (It's always a good idea to change your tampon right before and after you go swimming.) We don't recommend wearing a pad when you swim since it will become wet and not absorb your menstrual flow.

How does exercise affect menstruation?
A little exercise doesn't affect the amount of flow or length of your period. In fact, it usually helps to relieve menstrual cramps. Since exercise is important for good health, it should be part of your daily routine. But very intense physical activitylike training to run a marathonmay cause amenorrhea, which is the absence of menstrual periods.

Can you take a hot bath during your period?
During your period, it's most important to keep yourself fresh and clean. A hot bath or shower is finein fact, it can help cramps or just relax you in general. Most women like to wear a tampon if they plan to take a nice long bath during their periods.

Can you wash your hair during menstruation?
Yes. You should wash your hair regularly so you will look and feel good. There is no reason not to wash your hair while you are menstruating. Water won't stop your flow. If you wash your hair in the shower and you are flowing heavily, you may want to wear a tampon. Although some prefer to shower without wearing a tamponit's a personal choice.

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Posted April 07, 2014
I don't feel ready to use tampons. I just swim whenever i don't have my period.
Posted March 05, 2013
OK!!!! Putting in a tampon is not that bad. I first did it with a regular tampon when I was really meant to use slender for beginners (which ever one it is). Anyways putting it in: You just have to stay calm, and don't panic!!! Then second just get into a comfortable position so that you think it will be easier to put in. Personally I think that putting on tampons are easy,and I like them better than pads. With pads they are really bulky, with tampons it is just like it slips right out!! SO BE BRAVE AND TRY A TAMPON :P!!!
Posted December 05, 2012
we take swimming in gym pretty often, at least once a week, but if you have your period you should sit out. I mean, whos not gonna notice a string hanging out of there? like we all get changed around these table things, and a lot of people can't keep their eyes off. -_- idk what I'm gonna do its coming soon
Posted March 05, 2013
@lovelygirl123: you shouldn't go swimming on your period without a tampon. You can risk it because sometimes water pressure will keep you from leaking, but it's not a good idea.
Posted August 24, 2012
@danseur914 reccomends Tampax Pearl Tampons, any kind. I imagine when I start wearing tampons for swimming, I'm going to wear regular. Tampax is a great brand for tampons! It should'nt hurt, you just might be putting the tampon in wrong. Good luck!
Posted September 05, 2012
My friend told me that you can go into the water while on ur period without a tampon. Becuz ur flow will slow down and I want to make sure this is true. Is it ??
Posted August 09, 2012
What about ballet? pads would show in the leos, and tampons hurt and are uncomfortable. However, I would like to try to learn how to get past the discomfort of tampons, and learn more about them. What brand should I use, and how do you know which kind?
Posted July 11, 2012
Ladies! You shouldn't be skipping out on swimming and other fun activities just because you have your period! Tampons DON'T hurt! And they are really easy to use once you get used to them. If you are young, and your mom won't allow you to use tampons then tell her that you want to. In most cases, Mom will be glad to buy them for you! I've never skipped out on swimming just because I had my period! Don't let mother nature slow you down! When you get in the water with a tampon in- nothing changes, the water doesn't turn red with blood, and it doesn't hurt or anything. It feels normal, and nobody will be able to tell that you are on your period! I've never worn a pad in water, but I know it wont work. It'll absorb the water, and it'll become very bulky and uncomfortable and noticable. So don't sweat it! Tampons will work good, and they aren't painful!
Posted July 19, 2012
Aclose friend of mine got her first period (literally) THE NIGHT BEFORE swimming in ur gym class! she was super freaked out but her two polder sisters helped her use a tampon and she wore one the next day! but if you can, wait because pads are easier i think.
Posted July 12, 2012
The only reason I'm scared to go in a pool or something like that is only because I JUST started so my period is totally unpredictable. Stinks for me. Anybody got any advice? Please help, thank you!
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