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Added April 10, 2014

Summer Skin and Makeup Tips

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Your summer look probably isn’t an issue during the day while you're playing camp counselor, ice cream scooper or babysitter, but what do you do when you want to wear a little makeup and look your best?


Don’t worry! There are a few little changes you can do to keep your look from melting away in the summer heat. Check out our top five summer skin and makeup tips:


1. Use a Gentle, Exfoliating Face Wash

These face washes gently remove dead skin and keep your face smooth. It will help remove any dirt, oil and makeup and will give you a great canvas for makeup to go on easily and evenly.



2. Maintain A Routine for Healthy Skin

If you didn’t know, there should be a difference between how you take care of your skin between seasons. Although general rules still apply (cleanse and moisturize daily), you’ll have to adapt for the heat and humidity of summer when you go through your routine. Do this by increasing moisturizer for the summer – also, consider a lightweight lotion with SPF already included. Also continue to stay hydrated throughout the summer by drinking plenty of water. It keeps your skin elastic and helps with moisture.


3. Use Season-Appropriate Products

If you use a liquid foundation, opt for a tinted moisturizer or mineral foundation instead of heavy liquid makeup in the summer. Liquid foundation is likely to be too heavy on your skin, especially when temperatures increase. You want to keep it light.


In order to keep your eyes beautiful and fresh, even in sweaty situations, dab a tiny bit of foundation over your eyelids. The foundation will act as a primer and will hold your eye shadow in place, longer.


To add color to your lips without overkill, choose a tinted lip balm or try out some new lipgloss colors. It’s sure to add just the right amount of color and complete your look.


4. Go Waterproof!

Waterproof makeup can be a great way to achieve a long-wearing look and still allow you to take a dip in the pool. A simple swap of your favorite mascara to the same product in a waterproof formula will save you from raccoon eyes.


5. Don’t Overdo It!

What's the best advice for keeping your makeup on during those hot and sticky nights?


Less is more! Don't cake on your makeup layer upon layer because you'll be asking for trouble. Keep it light, keep it simple and the upkeep will be far less stressful. And, with these tips and a regimen to keep your skin healthy, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters: being free from school and having fun!

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Posted July 03, 2013
i wear make up every day, just advice to every one: careful with bronzer, to much means an orange face, and to much blush means a bright pink face. just beeee carrreeeffffuuuullllll :)
Posted January 31, 2012
im only in 6th grade so i dont wear makeup and theres some people inmy grade that really over do it!!!!people come 2 school with orange and green eyes
Posted June 29, 2011
Mom wont let me wear ANY makeup for a while like 16 but i <3 lipstik WAT DO I DO?!?!
Posted June 29, 2011
i luv this very helpful thxs
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