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Added April 23, 2014

Stories of Bullying – Are You a Bullying Casualty?

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"Life is so not fair," sighs Hannah, a petite, blonde sixth-grader when asked to tell her stories of bullying about Geena, the most popular girl in her class. "I don't know how she gets away with spreading nasty rumors, picking on the girls who can't afford to dress a certain way, and making fun of anyone who dares to disagree with her. When she spread a lie about me last year, I prayed to be brave enough to report her to the principal. But I was afraid everyone would call me a tattletale."


"Liza knows I'm an easy target because my face turns bright red whenever she looks at me," explains Vicki, a shy, quiet seventh-grader who just recently moved into the neighborhood and has her own stories of bullying. "As hard as I try to become invisible, she'll always find a reason to taunt me about my last name...or my sneakers...or how I smell...and make everyone around laugh. If I tell my mother, she'll get crazy angry and be up to school the next day. Then Liza will make my life even more of a hell."


"When I tell my dad about how Stefanie stopped speaking to me for no reason and how she rolls her eyes and moves her seat and whispers whenever I sit down in the cafeteria, he says I have to toughen up," recounts Rebecca. "As long as she's not stealing my lunch money or tripping me, he doesn't get how bad it is when she purposely makes sure I know every time all the girls get together without me. She won't stop till she makes me cry."


What do Rebecca, Hannah and Vicki have in common besides their stories of bullying? Well, all of them are having trouble focusing on their schoolwork. They make excuses to skip class or school because they feel anxious and afraid most of the time. None of the things they used to enjoy doing, even eating, hold much interest for them now. Each has had a headache or stomachache in the past week. And all three constantly worry that they will always feel as sad, unhappy, and lonely as they do today.


About 160,000 students across America skip school every day...a total of 28 million missed days a school year...because they're afraid of being attacked or intimidated by a bully. And almost nine out of 10 middle schoolers say they've seen someone being bullied. If you can relate firsthand to these stories of bullying, no one expects you to handle the situation by yourself. Remember... 

  • You are NOT responsible for being bullied.
  • Bullying is NOT just a normal part of childhood.
  • Bullies will NOT stop if you just ignore them.
  • Talk to an adult. Parents, teachers, coaches, principals and guidance counselors really can help you.
  • Try role-playing or practicing what you might say to a bully, such as, I want you to stop now.
  • Don't fight back. Bullies are meaner than you are, and they'll beat you at their game.
  • Show confidence (even if you're not feeling it) and hold your head high.

Go out of your way to meet classmates who are friendly and supportive, and who will include you in their activities. Stick with them while on the bus, in the cafeteria, between classes, or while walking to and from school.

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Posted June 30, 2014
Been bullied all my life, and im in high school now and still am getting bullied. But at least not as much as I used to. Its horrible. I get depressed a lot because my past haunts me and I get flashbacks a lot. When ever im depressed I help with the get my mind off of the pain I am having at that moment or day. I know its bad.
Posted April 21, 2014
I can remember life in the 8th grade,i was bullied by a popularity becuase of a lie made up.i lost all my friends because of that,it was my worst school year.
Posted November 20, 2013
I'm in seventh grade and I'm being bullied. I can't tell my parents, though, and I don't know why I don't want to... So what happens is that people call me names and make fun of my last name on the bus and at school people talk about me behind my back. I've heard some pretty mean stuff. I usually sit with my guy friends, who usually cheer me up when they see that I'm sad. They don't know though, they just want to cheer me up. I'm also pushed around. People shove me and push me and all that. I don't even know what I've done! I'm pretty averagely pretty and I'm a little skinny because after somebody said I was fat I stopped eating for a while, but I'm now gonna do that anymore. I really don't know why these people do this to me...
Posted April 06, 2014
Hi!I'm also in the seventh grade and I'm being bullied as well and I wish it could stop!Like thid one time when I walked in class this girl who used to be my best friend,made a evil face at me and my two other firends!And this happens all the time.She even tried to steal my firends one day.Then she starts talking about me behind my back at school with some of my other guy firends (not naming names).And after that she told the teacher on me when I did nothing to her!
Posted April 19, 2014
I hate bullies my whole class is a bully I have friends but I hate every single one. My twin and my 1 trusted bestfriend aare all I have. Well when I got sick and didnt go to school,theese girls in my class called me stuck up and a idiot. Next day when I found out I got really pissed but I didnt do anything 'yet'. But during P.E one of the girls kicked me (on purpose) I got mad and started hitting her with a noodle. But rate now im pretty rude to them all >:) one thing is they dont know is they DO NOT MESS WITH ME OR THEY'LL GET A PUNCH IN THE FACE OR EVEN WORSE!!???? theyll see stars >:)
Posted February 17, 2013
I HATE bullying cuz it's the killer of my BFF which is gone!!! :'( She was bullied and picked On because she had glasses and braces and Because of her way of dressing.I was furious when I saw her being pushed by older students. I screamed At them and and told them to be act mature.I pulled her and Ran. The last time I saw her was when we went to the Park. I cried ALOT thinking of the idea that I will Never see her again,she suicide herself by hanging The thought haunts me and I'm VERY SORRY for Those who have experienced bullying.
Posted July 05, 2012
This girl named arisha has and is been a bully to me. We used to be a great to be a best friends, but now she was gonna use me. She was gonna make me cry.i had all my friends but some went to her. I was strong because all my friends and my parents and relatives encouraged me to be strong because you are smart and shes popular (dumb). She is trying to make me cry but I am not. Thanks to the people who has been and still is with me. Arisha is trying to be friends with me so sh can use me and still want to make me cry and i am stronger and it still happening. being girl has even helped me to do this in the right way. THANKS and wish me to not get bullied again
Posted March 18, 2012
@ lovepugOJR i have the very same problem im fat too and i've been bullied my whole life the earliest being 3rd grade and as i got older ( im 13 now at this moment) i found out that you just have to ignore what they say i know your probably thinking that i've tried that before i used to be the same i thought that never worked but i learned to stand up for my self but if u cant or your really afraid of them remember you have friends and you can always tell them your problems and if they're good friends im sure they'll listen to what u have to say.
Posted July 19, 2012
cursed with the some of the bad physical features of my parent i am quote in quote considered "ugly". I don't talk big or anything but i understand things more than normal people usually do so I'm kind of the 7th grade phycologist. I don't defend my self by saying something mean but by saying something simple and true. If i see that someone is being bullied I stand up for them even if i don't like them :P
Posted June 21, 2012
reasons for bullying: ~nothing better to do ~are insecure about themselves ~are jealous ~they are missing something in their life so them fill that with lowering ( mostly the good people, i dont know why)self_steam ~it makes them feel better about them selves ~it happened to them ( no nessarily by you) ~they think its cool ~they dont think you will talk back ~they dont think they will get introuble i know from personal experience, online, physical, and verbal.STAND UP TO THEM, TALK BACK, YOU WILL NOT GET INTROUBLE, YOU WERE DEFENDING YOUR SELF. it happening once to you can stop it from happeneing to many MANY OTHER one minute someone, something can change your day, and in that minute you can decide yourself " am i going to let this ruine my day, or can i be thankful for the goodthings in my life".
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