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Added September 11, 2014

3 Tips for How to Keep in Touch with Friends

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Your friends are an important part of your life. They are fun to be around, they always accept you for who you are and they provide help and support when you need it the most. So even with school taking a break for the summer , or if you have a friend who moves away, you can still continue to support each other and celebrate your friendship; there are plenty of ways to keep in touch.


Whether you are off school for a few months, moving to a different state or starting college, here are three tips for how to keep in touch with your friends.


1. Find Time
You might be surprised to learn that keeping in touch with your friends will require some work, but it’s important to find time to connect. You can schedule time or find a way to let your friend know you’re thinking about them.


To schedule time, you’ll have to coordinate your calendars. Take a look at your schedule for the week and see when you have free time. Send your availability to your friend and see where you match. Then mark the date and time that works for you both, and plan how you will connect — by phone, video chat, etc.


If it’s difficult to find time, consider sending a card in the mail, an email update or a quick text to let your friend know you are thinking of them. You can even try calling your friend out of the blue and leave them a happy voicemail message if they don’t pick up.


2. Be Creative
While it’s good to check in every once in a while with a quick text or a message on social media, there are certainly other ways you can stay in touch with your friends — without losing any feelings of closeness.


Consider the traditional letter and become pen pals. Exchange a couple pre-addressed and stamped envelopes with your friends. Then write letters to each other on a frequent basis. It’s fun to get mail and it allows you to share your perspective in a different way — maybe with a few doodles in the margin, too!


If you live close to your friends, try to plan a weekly or monthly get together. For example, it could be the first Saturday of every month or every Wednesday evening. If you want to focus on shared interests, start a book or movie club so every time you meet up you can chat about what you read or what you watched.


3. Expect Change
Sometimes when you are in different schools or spend time hanging out with different people, conversations with friends may feel more like a news update instead of talking about the things that brought you together. But friendships are always changing — and in a good way! You may even find your new interests or experiences give you even more to show and tell.


Even when things get difficult, just remember that life, especially your relationships, doesn’t always go as planned. Change is a normal part of growing up. You have to decide which friendships are most worthy of your time, and your friendships will be so much stronger because you invested in continuing important friendships.


So how will you keep in touch with your friends? Let us know in the comments below.


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Posted June 27, 2012
I love hanging out with my friends in the summer and that is the only fun thing at school is hanging out with friends ! lol.
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