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Added August 01, 2013

Starting Middle School

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It seems like everything is changingyour body, your hairstyle, and your taste in music. And now, just as you were finally feeling comfortable in your elementary school (after all, you and your friends owned the halls), that's changing, too! It's time to move on to that magical new place where you'll have your own locker and your own class schedule. There's a new sense of freedom in the air. You're starting middle school, and that's a good thing, right?


Sort of a good thing...It's natural for you to feel a bit shaken by the prospect of starting middle school. New places are scary; even your mom and dad feel a little bit anxious when they start a new job or travel to a new city. Feeling nervous about leaving your old school is perfectly understandable. In fact, don't be surprised if you have bad dreams about getting lost in the halls or having no one to eat lunch with. And oh, what about those awful stories you've heard? Kids stuffed in lockers? Disgraceful acts taking place in the bathrooms? Suddenly you feel like you've stepped into one of those teen movies. You know, the ones where the cool kids cut off all the hair on the geeky girl in gym class? Only in your dreams, you're the geeky girl!


Take a deep breath and relax. First, it's important to know that you're not alone. Everyone, we mean, everyone is nervous about starting middle school. Regardless of your group affiliationwhether you're a jock, a popular girl, a thespian, a troublemaker, a wannabee, a richie, a school leader or a middle-of-the-road good kidyou can be sure that your peers are shaking in their shoes as they board the bus on the first day (and second and third) of school.


Adolescence is filled with new adventures; new schools and new friends are part of the ride! You can make your adventure less stressful by figuring out where you fit in.


1. Take a Look AroundGet a feel for who's who and what's what. Although you should be nice and courteous to everyone you meet, pay particular attention to those kids who may have similar interests as you.


2. Ask QuestionsYou won't know the answer if you don't ask the questions! If you don't understand a homework assignment or you're not sure when drama sign-ups are, ask around. Believe it or not, most kids are willing to help (it makes them feel important, too), and you'll probably find you're not the only one who's a little confused.


3. ParticipateTry out for a team, audition for the school play or the chorus, or sign up to write for the school paper. Joining a club or intramural activity is the perfect way to find other people who share your enthusiasm, and a great way to make new friends when starting middle school.


4. Be AwareYou know, there is some truth to those teen movies. There will always be the kids who want to find partners in crime, someone new to do drugs with or cut school with. Know who those kids arethey're usually not too hard to find and then stay away! Getting mixed up with the wrong kids can leave you with a bad rep for a long time.


5. Be PatientIt takes a while to get used to your new surroundings and to make new friends. Yet, you can bet that sometime in the near future, you'll be looking back and laughing with your friends about how strange starting middle school once felt.


Conquering new places is your job as a teen. New looks, new schools, new ideas are all in a day's work!

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comments so far
Story of my life
Story of my life
Posted April 19, 2014
I am freckling out because I going to 6th grade and I am scard what will happen
Living Large
Living Large
Posted March 01, 2014
Freaking out about going to high school next year! (in my town elementry is K-8)I know the high school like the back of my hand, but there are some really bad kids there...
Posted November 20, 2013
What I do on the first day of school is to figure out ways to become invisible. I don't want anybody to see me or notice me, because if I'm popular, people will say mean things about me, and vice versa with being a loser. If I'm a Nobody, then I won't be noticed.
Posted July 28, 2013
just leaving 5th grade from wright elementary. Excited for Brody middle school.8^)I am staying in band. I play the flute. IM going to miss my friend lovely she is moving to a new school.
Posted July 15, 2013
just left 5th grade excited for new scheduals not so much about the kids i am going to do a p such a nerd might get bullied hope not on the otherside trying out for cheerleading wish me luck
Posted February 09, 2014
Just started 6th grade and i love it! The dances are so fun!
Posted July 03, 2013
i just ended 6th grade and off to middle school so freaked out im gonna die!!!!
Posted July 03, 2013
i just ended 6th grade and off to middle school im so freaked out im gonna die
Posted July 04, 2013
rcv dfx hxtcndbche crftr bhjgy
Posted July 03, 2013
This helped me understand my fears of middle school. I just got out of 5th Grade. And I'm way mature for my age. And Now Im Not Scared. I am actually, EXCITED
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