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Added April 23, 2014

Social Media: What Does Your Profile Say About You?

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If you're anything like most teens, posting, checking and updating your social media pages is an important part of your day. In fact, you might even spend a good part of each night posting, refreshing your feed and reading the conversations of your friends and classmates. Many of these behaviors develop your social profile. So what does your social media page say about you?


Your profile is your online resume. It’s a window to your life and your character. It is a place designed for you to spread good news and let your friends know who you are. Every action you take and every thing you post or put on your profile can be accessible to college recruiters, teachers, coaches, parents, friends, enemies and strangers — even after you delete it! Follow these social media guidelines and put your best face forward.


Include Special Interests, Hobbies and Talents

You can make connections with friends by sharing your special interests and talents. There is no need to brag, but it's perfectly all right to let your friends know you are the regional tap dance champion or the recipient of a science award.


Post Positive Messaging

Your profile is like a public journal and you want to share with others what inspires you. You can use it to document some of the cool things you do and inspire others to do something similar. Perhaps you volunteered at the shelter to provide food for the hungry. Post about how it made you feel. Did you stumble upon an inspirational quote lately? Share it! Not only will these show your positive way of thinking and helping others, it may make someone’s day better.


Avoid Foul Language

Certain words might feel perfect when you're feeling angry or adventurous, but be aware of the negative message they send out about you. This is a bad place to spread rumors, insult people or tell someone off. If you don’t have anything nice to say on your profile, say nothing at all. If you feel the need to tell someone how you feel negatively, then use the phone or say it in person. If you are seeking support, reach out to a trusted adult. Read more tips on how to avoid impulsive posts here.


Include Your Favorite Songs, Books or Movies

This is an upbeat way to show off your interests and beliefs. Who knows? You may become closer with a friend who also has an undying love for vampire books.


Avoid Posting Too Much About Your Relationships

First, relationships are personal and you don't need everyone else reading all about yours. Next, most people are, by nature, shy about relationships. Your crush may get embarrassed or upset and his response may not be what you’re expecting. Be cautious about posting about your relationships and only share what both of you are comfortable sharing with others.


Social networks are all about connecting with friends and family and sharing a little bit about you. Follow these social media guidelines to help you make good decisions and you will be putting your best self forward in no time.

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Posted July 03, 2013
Useful tips! I will always remember them. ^_^
Posted June 12, 2012
great tips. I'll be sure to use them!(p.s. 1st comment!mmm-hmm. ^_^)
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