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Added May 08, 2014

3 Tips for How to Become a Leader

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Have you ever heard the saying, “lead by example?” This means to lead by your actions, and not just by your words. Leaders do the right thing and seek to earn people’s trust. They also inspire others to achieve their goals.


Did you know you can become a leader, too? You can become a leader by challenging yourself, and others, to accomplish goals — like earning an A on your next test, enrolling in a sport you’ve never played or taking care of a pet or someone in need. Leadership comes in many forms and it doesn’t mean you have to be the center of attention all the time. It’s up to you to decide how you want to lead.


Start on the right foot and follow these three tips to become a leader.


1. Determine your Dreams and Make a Plan
What do you want to accomplish? And when do you want to accomplish it? Where do you want to go? What record do you want to set? Is it a personal goal or a team goal? It’s important to motivate yourself and your team; find the passion to challenge yourself and make your dreams come true.


Once you’ve determined your dreams, identify what needs to be done to make them come true. Do you need to complete your homework on time? Will your dream require a lot of practice? Do you need to earn money or do some research? Or maybe you need to recruit the help of others to make an impact. Make a plan of what needs to happen in order to make your dreams come true and adjust along the way. Some successful leaders find it helpful to write it down. It’s evidence you’ve declared your goals and set out a plan. You can do it!


2. Take Action Now
The next tip is to put those plans into action, so start now! You are responsible for making your dreams come true and nothing will happen if you don’t make a move. Consider sharing your dreams and plans with others to utilize their expertise and recruit their help.


Struggling in one of your classes? Be proactive and meet with your teacher to see what he or she can recommend for help. Interested in journalism? Take a class to learn more, and then submit your articles to a newspaper. Looking to make a difference in your community? Find a group at school or in the community that shares your interests, and then volunteer to lead a project. This will give you leadership experience and you can ask the team for advice on how to improve when you’ve completed your project. It’s important for leaders to continually make improvements.


3. Think Like a Leader
Leaders are positive thinkers: Even in the face of a difficult situation, they keep a positive attitude and a clear mind. They always think before they speak, and they lead by example.


Leaders are confident, but not boastful: They don’t believe they’re better than anyone. Instead, they’re humble. Leaders are kind to others and are always willing to offer a helping hand.


Above all, leaders are driven and passionate: They love what they do. And they build off their strengths and always work on improving their weaknesses.


In your day-to-day tasks, keep these three tips for how to become a leader in mind. Not only will they help you achieve your dreams, they’ll help you develop into an accomplished leader. Set out on your own path so you can continually grow into the best person you can be. With time and experience, you’ll soon be sharing your own personal leadership tips!


Have questions about this article? Ask us here. And be sure to share this article with your friends using #BGleadership.

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comments so far
Posted January 28, 2012
Im in gifted support/purpose wich is a lot more fun and a ton harder then regular classes wich makes me and the rest of the purpose kids out there like nerds but really I just learn fast and am really creative so it's fun being smart.
Posted January 25, 2012
I dont get called a nerd/geek even though im prreeetty smart. Thank goodness
Posted January 22, 2012
This helped a lot... I lately became really good in studying, got the academic prize, discipline prize and everything. And some of the "cool" girls in my class called me a "nerd" and a "geek". This made me really sad, and later, I became friends with some girls, who wernt as smart as I am, but they admired my brains and think of me as a good friend!! So now i hang around with them, and the cool girls just watch me from afar jealously. It feels good to have friends who care, so I recommend anyone to find good friends to help u have a better self esteem. And I <33 being smart now!!
Posted December 16, 2011
im very smart one boy inmy class said that im always reading books cuz i was reeading one then and was like you act like you never read a book in your life i like to read so what and then he just like so...... and had nothing to say
Posted January 10, 2012
I have been a teacher's pet for a long time. I love school, and I try my hardest every day. For girls and guys who are nervous about grades, just try your best, work on homework with a friend if you hav trouble, and maybe make a study group with your friends. That way, you socialize while learning at the same time. Hope this helps!
Posted December 31, 2011
Thanks! I'm in the advanced classes and always feel like a nerd when I walk out of 11th grade classes when I'm only in the 8th grade. I feel better about it now though!
Posted October 28, 2011
My situation is the complete opposite. I'm in IB and soare all of the people in my class. We all have scholarships, because the tuition costs like... I think 2846 dlls per semester, plus 500 of IB. In order to keep our scholarships we have to keeps our grades no lower than A- and not fail once. We are really competitive so the smarter one ir the one with better grades is the most awesome of the class :D
Posted October 18, 2011
yay i am smart i dont get picked on because i look kinda goth and i try to be fair with my friends
Posted November 18, 2011
I think being smart is cool. I'm the smartest in my class and I got the gold medal in acedemics and was on the honor roll! However, people, particularily guys, call me a nerd, usually as a joke, and I kinda take it as a compliment. They always ask me what I got on tests and when I tell them they get a kick out of it lol. Haha most of the guys and some girls in my class are either lazy or stupid, or both, and they'll be wishing they were me when I get all the scholarships when we graduate. I plan on being an agrologist, and for those of you who don't know what that is, I want to study farming and agrology. I grew up a cowgirl/farmgirl, and I plan to stay that way!
Posted November 03, 2011
People don't call me a nerd or geek often, but I know they think it. xD But my mom says if a boy is mean to you, they like you. I <3 having smarticle particles! 8D
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