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Added April 23, 2014

Being Smart Is Cool

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If you're starting to think it's stupid to be smart, think again. No matter what you excel in, you need to be proud of who you are.

Meet Chloe. She’s one of the smartest students in her class. But when test scores were posted—with her name usually at the top—some classmates acted stupidly. They called her "teacher's pet" and "nerd." So instead of feeling happy about her successes, Chloe felt miserable.

If you've had this experience, you're not alone. You and Chloe can get through this together. Being smart is cool, and it’s up to you to embrace it.


Control your destiny

Do you want to go to a good college? Your chances get better with every "A" you earn. So instead of worrying about not fitting in with classmates, think about how great it will be to go to the college of YOUR dreams.


Anybody can get a jobbut smart people can have careers. Law, medicine, fashion, the artsall these require dedication and brains. And since you know being smart is cool, and you're heading to a top college, you're ahead of the pack.


By the way, guys do think being smart is cool. They ARE attracted to smart girls. Girls that stay in long relationships have strong personal interests and good conversation skills. Guys want interesting companionsnot arm ornaments.


Take action now

So your future looks bright, but don't give up on the present. Find a group at school or in the community that shares your interest and understands that being smart is cool. Love the French language and culture? Join the French Club. Think Bill Gates is a true guru? Join the Technology Club. Just want to hang with other smart people? Check out the local chapter of MENSA (an organization for people with high IQs). You'll have a great time meeting people and expanding your mind.


Don't feel like a weirdo for being smart. Be proud of your intelligence and grades. They'll take you places.

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comments so far
Posted January 04, 2013
The article is all true! We should not care about anyone, just care about yourself, that's who, YOU!
Posted January 03, 2013
I love being smart but every time the teacher says i got the only A everybody looks at me and it's kind of embarassing
Posted October 18, 2012
I really do love being smart, but it is sometimes sorta embarrassing when the teacher announces that you got the only A or whatever, and I have kinda been bullied because of it, and been called "teacher's pet" and "bossy" or "a know-it-all" but I just let those comments go over my head. Who cares?
Posted August 23, 2012
Being smart makes me feel good. But it's embarrassing when the teacher tells the entire class you got the only A+ or something. But I've been bullied because of it.
Posted August 16, 2012
Im really smart.Well my class is really different.No offense but we have the not so smarts,kinda smarts,pretty good,smart,really smart,and like super like the really smart and 1 of my friends is super smart and 2 of my other friends are really smart and then the rest of my friends are like pretty good.but no one makes fun of people being smart except this guy.people call him goody goody because he literally is like perfect at everything,smart,never gets in trouble and yea!but i like being smart!
Posted November 25, 2012
I love being smart!!!
Posted August 01, 2012
I'm not THAT smart, but I don't care what people think of me. They have insecurites. & I am the bigger person.
Posted July 29, 2012
im soooo not smart...well im guess im kinda smart
micki mouse roxx8
micki mouse roxx8
Posted July 12, 2012
im totally not smart;)
Posted August 02, 2012
When your smart and you do group projects everyone wants to be your partner, so they start being nice to you. DONT LISTEN TO THEM. they are using you but thats pretty obvious
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