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My Period

First Period

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Added August 01, 2014

8 Common Questions about Your First Period

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Waiting for your first period to start? We’re sure your head is buzzing with questions and anticipation! Check out these eight common questions from girls just like you.

1. How old will I be when I get my first period?

Some girls start their first period at 8 or 9 years old, while others don't start it until they're 15 or 16. The average age is 12 or 13. The best way to figure out when you may start menstruating is to look for other signs of development, and ask your mom or older sister when they started their first period.

2. Will I start my period when my mom started hers?

Most likely you will. If your mom starter her period at 15 years old, there’s a big chance you might start within a year of that time. There is scientific evidence showing genetic factors influence the onset age of menstruation.

3. Why haven’t I started my period yet?

Everyone has her own “biological clock,” and yours is different from anyone else's. So even if you feel like you'll never get your period, don't worry, you will!

4. How do I know if my first period is coming?

Look for signs of your first period. First, your breasts will start to develop, and hair may begin to grow in the pubic area (between your legs) and in your armpits. During this time you may notice a whitish discharge from your vagina. This is normal. A few months after that, you'll likely start your first period. When it actually begins, you might feel dampness on your underwear, which is probably a few drops of blood.

5. How long will my period last?

It's different for everyone. Some girls menstruate for only three days, while others menstruate for as long as seven or eight. The average is four to five days.

6. What if I never get my period?

Girls who reach the age of 16 without menstruating may have primary amenorrhea (lack of menstrual flow). Primary amenorrhea requires careful medical testing, diagnosis and therapy, so we suggest you consult your family doctor.

7. Is there any way to stop my periods every month?

Menstrual flow is the result of hormonal action. Therefore, there is no medically safe way to stop menstruation or control the amount of flow. It is healthy and completely normal to have your period each month. So stay positive.

8. When will I stop having my period for good?

Women get periods until menopause, which is when menstruation and the ability to have children stops. In most women, it usually happens in their late 40s or early 50s. But menopause can happen earlier or later. Some women may stop menstruation by the time they're 35 years old, and others may not stop until their late 50s.

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comments so far
Posted September 18, 2014
what is the longest that you have discharge for before you get your period? I have had for two years and still waiting.
Posted September 18, 2014
I got mine on august,2,2014 ,it really sucks!
Posted August 26, 2014
PinkCaramel, You need to at least walk around and that should help ease the pain.
Posted August 25, 2014
I haven't gotten my period yet but I have terrible stomach pain. Sometimes I lay down for hours because I have no idea what to do . Any advice??
Posted September 11, 2014
I have crampsand discharge but I haven't gotten my first period yet but at volleyball practice I went to the bathroom and had a lot more then I usually have but when I got home I did not have as much and today was the same is my period coming soon or is it not- Harper
Posted September 02, 2014
Hi I got my 1 period on the 13 of august but I didnt relize it tell the 15 I thought It was just brown discharge but turns out it was not. I had cramps . NOT GOOD!!!
Posted August 06, 2014
Im on my period right now and its like 1am and I'm using an over Night pad. Man these thing are THICK
Posted August 06, 2014
HelloI am 13 years old.Before my first period:white/clear gooey stuff(discharge)for a year.Then I got brown/red first period.Then,I waited for a month.No period.Then, the next month,I had bright red blood.So,I wore pads.But I went swimming while on my period,so I tried to put in a tampon.I "wasted" two tampons before giving up and just going swimming without anything.I got so upset and anxious.Probably just hormones ;) While swimming I was fine.Afterwards,I tried again because I knew more about what I was doing and I wasn't as worried.It worked!Tips:Don't force it in!Push at a slight angle,almost horizontally.It should slide right in.It's best to be completely relaxed. Don't use tampons when you're not on your period!Also,depending on your flow, you might need to wear a panty-liner with the tampon.Once you get used to tampons,you will never want to go back to pads!Watch the videos from Always and Tampax...they are really informative.I really hope I helped!Good luck! :)
Posted August 12, 2014
anyone who hasnt gotten their periods yet... trust me it sucks. cramps hurt you want to lay in bed all day and die. i hate going to school with them. i cant even focus on the work. i love when i am NOT on it. it sucks and i hate it wish there was a way to STOP it.
Posted August 25, 2014
I have never ever started my period but I noticed some discharge do you have anything I can do at all
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