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Added August 01, 2013

Shower After Working Out

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If you work out at a gym, good for you! How do you stay clean? Before you pack your gym bag and run off to the gym to do the Stairmaster, there are things you need to know to keep your body clean and healthy.


There are tons of germs at the gym caused by all the sweatin' going on. This shouldn't scare you away, though. There are a bunch of ways to keep your body clean at the gym.


First, pack your bag! Pack two towels. One is to wipe your face as you sweat. The second towel should be bigger because you'll put it down on the weight lifting benches before you lay down. This will protect you from others' body sweat.


Pack deodorant to keep your pits extra fresh. Check out to find the perfect deodorant for you.


Don't forget the hand sanitizer! After touching a machine or weights, rub it on your hands to end the spreading of germs. Before you leave the gym, wash your hands with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Create a nice lather and dry your hands completely!


If you shower after working out at the gym, bring flip-flops to wear while you're lathering up. Wearing flip-flops in the shower will protect you from different foot fungi.


If you do Pilates or any other exercise where you might need a mat, buy your own. If you can't and you're borrowing one, use a towel to cover it before you work out.


Always take a shower after working out. But sometimes you don't have time to shower right after working out! If time is an issue, change your underwear. Leaving on those sweaty undies and shorts can cause yeast and other bacterial infections. Clean, dry undies will keep you healthy, um, down there.


Don't let germs scare you away from the gymjust protect yourself!

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Ms'Pretty Liyah
Ms'Pretty Liyah
Posted October 18, 2011
i think this is a good thing i mean i workout at home but when i do go to gym i will most definetly try all of these things
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