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Should I Stay With My Boyfriend?

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

Help! I started having doubts about how I feel about my boyfriend of two years. I'm sure he loves me and he's faithful, so why is this happening? Is it natural? Now I know I love him, but can I trust myself? I really hate that feeling of uncertainty. Please help me stop it from happening again.

P.S. I've never fallen for another guy since I was with him.



Dear Asania,

During the past two years, each of you have changed and grown. You are not the same people you were two years ago, and it may be you are growing apart and not together. I can't really tell you what you are feeling, but I can tell you the feelings you are having aren t unusual.

Dating is supposed to be fun. When it stops being fun to be with someone this is usually a sign it is time to move on. As a teen, the relationships aren t usually the forever ones. They usually end and one-reason adults tell you to be careful with your feelings and your physical self.

Think carefully about this. You may be ready for a break in your relationship, or maybe even a break-up. Don't be afraid to search your feelings. Talking to your boyfriend may help you see he is feeling the same way.

Talking to mom or another trusted adult may be helpful through the decision-making, if you are comfortable doing this.

Hope this is helpful,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Toot toot
Toot toot
Posted June 30, 2014
I remember when I had my boyfriend he was cute and that stuff he loved me I loved him. In til his sister she was in 7th grade she decided to be mean to me and do this horible stuff to me .then I decided I had to brake up with him but he was sad and I told him why and I said it's because of your sister she don't like me and she doesn't want me to be with you. Then he gave me his last kiss and it was for a long time . Then his sister said to me the next day back off brother. Then the last day of school when I was walking home I was so sad about the brake up but he was with his sister then he ran up to me and Grabbed my face and kissed me for love a 2 minute mark. Then he said here is my number and he said I'll never let you go then his sister grabbed him from the back pack and she said I won't forget you plus something is going to happen to you . But then he slapped his sister and he whispered in my ear I love you and a 10 second kiss and then he said call me but I still love him
Posted August 04, 2012
i was dating this guy ethan for like 8 weeks err so until i found out and smelt from his sister harleah in 9 or 10 grade he doesnt shower and he smells when we hug so we broke up he was heart broken i still luv him but that stench ? what to do
Posted December 16, 2011
Hey I need to know something I have dating my bf for 1year now and I am sill having fun with him but we argue a lot is this bad or normal? I need a very fast answer!!!!!!!!
Posted October 09, 2011
my best friend told me my bf was cheating on me with another girl but i was wondering if i should just talk to him or i should just go for the break up?I need an answer fast!
Posted December 04, 2011
@KayKayLashay I believe that you should ask him and find out for yourself. Don't do it over the phone or computer though; you have to do it face to face. I know it will be harder that way, but that's the only way you can tell if he is lying or if he is telling the truth. If it turns out he never cheated on you, ask your friend why she would lie about that. She might be jealous or something. -Kat
Posted June 18, 2012
@Greencturttle if you argue alot and it goes to far them break up with him but if its like a silly little argument its normal. It justs means you have different opinions
Posted May 26, 2011
Hey im kinda in a situation i like my bf but he took it to far and said i love u in the first week of dating but my old bf i still like what do i do because my old bf dosent like me .Do i tell my curent bf i have feelings for some one else.Should i forget about it and stay with my current bf what should i do From Lexi


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