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How Can I Have Sex Without Getting Pregnant?

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Hi there,

I have got a few questions. Here they are: Will I get pregnant if I have sex? My friends have had unprotected sex and not gotten pregnant. Could I have sex during my period without getting pregnant? When is the safest time to have sex without protection?





Dear Blair,

  1. Inevitably, yes. Most women get pregnant within the first six months of unprotected intercourse. I don't know why your friends have not gotten pregnant. Continuing to have unprotected sex is not a smart idea for anyone not wanting to become pregnant.
  2. When you have a short menstrual cycle and a long period, it is possible to become pregnant during your period. You ovulate 14 days BEFORE the start of your next period. Ovulation is when the egg is released from one of your ovaries, it drops down the fallopian tubes and implants itself in the walls of the uterus. However, that egg can live for 24 to 36 hours, which means there is a two-day span of time that you will be fertile. But let's not forget that sperm can live inside you for as many as five days. That creates about a week long window where you can get pregnant.
  3. Understand there's not just one day a month that you can get pregnant. There is no time that is always the "safe" time because we are not perfect machines. 


The point is that technically you can get pregnant anytime. If you are sexually active, don't take chances. Practice safer sex by always using a condom-even if you are on the pill-or even better is to abstain and not have sex altogether.


It is best to see a gynecologist or your healthcare provider if you are planning on having sex to discuss birth control, if you haven't already.


Hope this is helpful,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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comments so far
Posted October 27, 2014
Don't have unprotected sex unless you want a problem. Be safe and use protection, it'll help later on.
Posted October 27, 2014
No safe time to have unprotected sex. As for period part of The ?, idk
Posted August 16, 2012
I really should get on birth control...
Posted February 12, 2012
Its never smart to have unprotected sex, its even better if you can wait but a lot of us cant. I think we all have friends who are or who have had unprotected sex or maybe we even have, and its never good to start off that way. The reason is because its usually in the first part of the relationship where you may have the most sex since its new or a new guy and you are more willing to take chances. So even if its just periodic sex compared to having daily sex you need to be protected.
micki mouse roxx8
micki mouse roxx8
Posted July 17, 2012
yea i think im gonna wait for sex....


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