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My Period

Menstruation & Your Cycle

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Added September 25, 2014

Sex and Your Period

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What happens if a woman has sex during her period?

There's no medical reason why a woman cant have sex during her period. But since a woman can get pregnant during her period, she should talk to her gynecologist about the best type of contraception if you want to avoid pregnancy.


Why do some women have pain after they have sex during their periods?

There are a lot of reasons for having pain during sex while on your period. It's important that a woman consult her gynecologist if this happens.


Can a girl get pregnant before she has her first period?

Yes, its possible. For pregnancy to happen, a woman has to ovulate and the egg has to be fertilized. Ovulation may happen before the first menstrual cycle, so the egg could be fertilized if sexual intercourse occurs close to your period.


Can you get pregnant the first time you have sex?

Yes. Any girl/woman who has started to ovulate (which could happen before her first period) can become pregnant.


What is a virgin?

A virgin is defined as someone who hasnt had sexual intercourse.


Can you get pregnant from oral sex?

No. Pregnancy happens after a womans egg is fertilized by sperm. Fertilization happens in the fallopian tubes, after the sperm has passed through the vagina and uterus. Theres no physical "connector" to allow sperm to travel from the digestive system to the fallopian tubes.


Can you get pregnant if a guy "pulls out" before ejaculation?

Yes. Sperm is present in the fluid released from the penis before ejaculation.


Can you get pregnant if you use a condom?

Yes. It is possible that the condom could break, or that it wasnt put on properly, or that it is removed incorrectly. As a result, sperm could get into the vagina and pregnancy would become possible. 


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comments so far
Posted August 04, 2014
Hi,I'm janica my question is how can you still get pregnant If a boy uses a condom wouldn't the sperm get inside the condom instead of the girls privacy.......there's this boy at my school that supposedly????Likes me an he asked if I'm a virgin or do I not want to be one how is it possible to get pregnant without inserting something in your privacy
Posted October 23, 2013
I have a boyfriend and he wants to have sex but I don't want to have until I'm married otherwise I might have it with more than one man and that would be awkward!
Posted June 08, 2012
Hi I'm 16. I had my period on the 9th of May then started again the 29th of may and then on June 5th I had protected sex and I'm not on birth control or anything cause im new to all that sexual stuff. But I started bleeding again but my periods started around the 7th of every month. Is that fine? Or what?
Karina+chalino my dog
Karina+chalino my dog
Posted October 09, 2012
what happens if a girl gets raped just saying wouldn't want that to happen to me could they still get pregnant
micki mouse roxx8
micki mouse roxx8
Posted June 30, 2012
y would ppl have sex on their period??? im not trying to be disgusting but wht if the blood gets on the guy and u leek ur pants?? im just sayin!!:)
Posted September 02, 2012
Well i have sex all the time, even during my period. Sex during your period is like reallyy good because its like natural lube and im always really in the mood, especially around the time of my period. Also, my boyfriend doesnt mind the blood.
Posted March 18, 2012
I heard sex on your period is very pleaurable because of the extra lubrication its supposed to feel good right
Posted April 27, 2012
I would think the same thing, who would want to have sex with me when I am on my period. But I have heard about it being more pleasurable but the guy would really want to have sex to do it then. I know I start thinking about sex more around my period, so maybe that is why people do it, and guys well some of them just seem to want sex all the time.
Posted April 23, 2012
I think its just wrong 4 u 2 have sex when u r on ur period. I mean what kind of a boy would see blood there and still stick his penis in? Wait till after the period!
Posted May 18, 2012
I'm close friends with a boy in my class, and everyone says we're boyfriend and girlfriend. It's annoying and incomprehensible. How can I stop it?
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