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Added April 23, 2014

School Organization Tips

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Have you ever had a day where everything felt out of place? You woke up late for school and had to frantically stuff your homework into your backpack and run out the door. Maybe, in the midst of the rush, you forgot a homework assignment and you were left empty-handed when the teacher came to collect your work.


The time is now to start organizing so you can always be prepared. Staying organized will help you function better in school, which ultimately leads to having a more positive experience in the classroom. With all your stuff in order, you will look good and feel great. Here are some organization tips to help you navigate through the school day stress-free.


1. Start with your wardrobe.

We all know picking out the perfect outfit for school can take a lot of time. On top of that, getting together your uniform and equipment for the game can also be stressful. Save yourself the hassle and pick out your outfit the night before. That way, you can avoid the extra time it takes to flip through your closet or check the dryer for your clean jersey. You can iron, prep and set everything out in an organized way so when it is time to get dressed, you are ready to go!


2. Clean out and organize your backpack once a week.

You are using your backpack every day so it is important to keep it clean. You have to decide what you do and don’t need. Trash the stuff you can live without and organize the rest. Utilize all your little zippered pockets and use cases or bags to store extra supplies. This will make it much easier to access your important class materials. You might also have a lighter bag to carry and your back will thank you for it.



3. Make the most out of your supplies and repurpose.

Pick out supplies that interest you. Perhaps a notebook in your school colors or pencils with your favorite designs. It helps to have color coordinating folders and notebooks for every class. It is also a good idea to separate the pockets into sections like “work that needs to be done” and “work that is completed” (this could also include handouts from your teacher.) Also, look to repurpose items so you don’t always have to invest in new products. Perhaps that folder from last year’s science class can be used for this year’s English class. By doing this, you’ll be on top of your game in the classroom!


4. Use your school planner.

Most schools offer school calendars or planners to help organize your homework, tests, deadlines and after school sports practices. So use it! If you do not have a planner, you can use notebook paper to make your own template. Make sure you include all your classes, lunch break, recess, after school activities and what time all of these events are taking place. Give yourself some time the night before to prep and write down your schedule for the next day. You can even plan ahead on a weekly basis. That way, you’ll always be ready to pencil in last minute study dates with your friends.


For some people, organizing comes easily. But for most of us, it's a learned skill. It takes both time and practice to get the hang of it. Don’t worry though, once you make it a routine, you will be organized in no time!

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comments so far
Posted October 18, 2013
I always get Excellent on my organization skills! So, this article isn't new for me!
Posted August 13, 2013
well, i am an organized freak so it comes pretty easily.... but i only enjoy organizing when i am bored.
Posted August 23, 2012
sorry but this was a FAIL!
Posted August 20, 2012
That was a little helpful.
Posted August 04, 2012
This would help if I actually had the WHERES MY STUFF book. I mean come on. I wanted organizational tips, not where to find them.
Posted March 08, 2013
where is the wheres my stuff? book??
Posted July 05, 2012
were is "weres my stuff" thing there talking abbout??
Posted July 05, 2012
this is ok
Posted July 21, 2012
this was a little helpful
Posted July 12, 2012
I have one word, with four letters. F-A-I-L ._.
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